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Sir Thomas More (1477/1478-1535), son of a judge, studied the law at Oxford, was especially fond of Greek, corresponded with DESIDERIUS ERASMUS. Elected a member of Parliament in 1501, was CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND 1529-1532. However, Thomas More, a devoted Catholic, refused to publicly approve King Henry VIII.s marriage with Anne Boleyn (as it would mean that he accepted Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon, a divorce not approved by the pope).
More was charged with treason and, on fabricated charges, condemned to death in one of the most celebrated cases of law history. Thomas More was executed in 1535 and beatified in 1886.
In 1525 (thus before rising to the office of Lord Chancellor) he wrote the UTOPIA, the description of an idealistic society where people were supposed to live in a perfect society.

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