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Muscat and Oman, 1959-1970

Administration . Since 1892 Oman was an informal British protectorate. From 1949 to 1971, Britain was represented by a Consul General. Oman is a monarchy; political parties are not permitted. Sultan Sa`id (III) ibn Taimur ruled from 1932 to 1970. The Ibadi insurgency (1954-1959) had been suppressed with British aid; the Imamate of Oman (seat Nizwa) was abolished in 1959, the last holder of the office having fled to Saudi Arabia, from where he continued to maintain his claims, which gained some notoriety due to the issuance of colourful postage stamps (State of Oman, in contrast to the regular Muscat & Oman issues).
In 1964 a Communist rebellion began in the southern province of Dhofar, bordering on Southern Yemen (which had gained independence that year and supported the rebels).

Foreign Policy . The Sultanate of Zanzibar, tributary to Muscat & Oman since 1861, became independent in 1964 and thus ceased to pay tribute. In 1968 Britain announced to withdraw from the Gulf by the end of 1971; the informal protectorate over Oman thus was to lapse.

The Economy . Omanis traditionally had been engaged in seafaring and trade. The Omani merchants had lost much of their market share to the British in the course of the 19th century, and the country, in the mid 20th century, was largely isolated. There was a traditional domestic economy based on the raising of livestock, agriculture, fishery.
Oil production began in 1967 with 3.1 million metric tons and by 1971 rose to 14.5 million metric tons (IHS p.363).

Social History . The population estimate for 1959 is 494,000, that of 1970 is 654,000 (Lahmeyer).

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