Syria, since 1990

Politics Hafez al Assad, president since 1971, had himself reelected repeatedly, until his death in 2000. Then he was succeeded by his son Basher al Assad. The Baath party is the only legal party in Syria. The state of emergency, in place since 1963, allows the authoritarian regime bypassing the democratic process.

Domestic Policies Baath ideology, while accepting Islamic tradition, aims at the establishment of a secular socialist state. The Muslim Brotherhood was banned in Syria in 1982, it was only legalized again in 2001.

Foreign Policy . In 1976 Syria, with a mandate by the Arab League, intervened in the Lebanon Civil War, only to withdraw her forces in 2006.
In 1991 Syria joined the International Coalition which liberated Kuwait. Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the Coalition of the Willing (which Syria objected to), Syria was accused of supporting the insurgents in Iraq by permitting foreign terrorists to cross from Syria into Iraq. Syria played a prominent role in Lebanese domestic policy since 1976. The Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990, and Lebanon went through a period of recovery and democratization. The assassination of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri in 2005 was blamed on Syrian agents and caused increased pressure on Syria to withdraw her troops; she complied in 2005-2006.

The Economy is still largerly controlled by the states. Only recently, private banks have been permitted (2001) and opened (2004); the Damascus Stock Exdchange is scheduled to open in 2007. Over the last decades, the Syrian Pound has been rather stable. Unlike her neighbour to the East, Syria is not a major oil producer.
The census of 1970 established a population of 6,304,700. The population of 2000 was estimated at 16,305,700.

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