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Kuwait Nejd
First posted on June 15th 2007, last revised on February 17th 2009

For the time since 1925, see Saudi Arabia
For the time 1914-1925, see Nejd
For the time until 1914, see Ottoman Empire

Timeline Al Hasa

Country Profiles from Wikipedia; from Encyclopedia of the Orient
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Historical Maps
Timelines Timeline Al Hasa, at this site
Accounts of History Al Hasa, from Saudi Arabia Information Resource; Al Hasa, Outpost of Empire, from Saudi Aramco World 1974, article by Jon Mandaville
Encyclopedia Entries Article Arabia, from EB 1911; from Catholic Encyclopedia, 1907 edition
Article Arabia, from EB 1902
Article El Hasa, from EB 1911
Economy & Finances Global Currency History : Saudi Arabia
History of Cities Articles Al Ahsa, Hofuf, Dhahran, from Wikipedia
Article Hofuf; Dammam; Dhahran, from Encyclopedia of the Orient

Lists of Statesmen World Statesmen : Al Hasa, by Ben Cahoon; Regnal Chronologies : Al Haasa
Other Arab Polities, from World Statesmen
Population Figures Historical Statistical data : Saudi Arabia, Provinces, from Population Statistics (J. Lahmeyer)
Documents Historic Picture Postcards, from Postcardman, commercial site
The Letters of T.E. Lawrence
Gertrude Bell Letter Archive, Univ. of Newcastle
British Intelligence Reports on the Creation of Saudi Arabia, published by IDC Publishers
A Collection of First World War Military Handbooks of Arabia, 1913-1917, from Archive Editions
Search Hansard for al Hasa
Search Papers Past for al Hasa (New Zealand Newspapers 1839-1920)
Archives, Musea, Libraries Ottoman Archives (site in Turkish; see Wikipedia Article

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History of al Hasa
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