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Administrative History of Anatolia (1400-1918)

The Ottoman conquest of the other Anatolian Turkish states in the course of the 14th century (see under Military History) did not result in the reation of a new administrative structure. Following the disastrous defeat at the hands of Timur Lenk, the former Emirates reemerged, and following Timur's death in 1405, regained independent status. They had to be reconquered by the Ottomans, a process that took most of the 15th century.
The Ottoman Empire then was organized in beylerbeyliks, the Beylerbeylik of Rumelia covering Ottoman Europe; Anatolia being divided in the larger Beylerbeylik of Anadolu (Western Anatolia) and the Beylerbeylik of Rum (Eastern Central Anatolia). The beylerbeyliks were subdivided in Sanjaks. By the end of the 16th century, the beylerbeyliks had been replaced by elayets or vilayets). This structure lasted until the mid of the 19th century, when an administrative reform increased the number of vilayets and also brought some border changes.
For maps featuring the administrative division of Ottoman Anatolia at various periods, click here

REFERENCE Wolf-Dieter Hütteroth, Wissenschaftliche Länderkunden : Türkei (Country Studies : Turkey), Darmstadt : Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft 1982, in German [G]

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