Ottoman Empire
World War I

Turkey in the years 1918-1923

The Ottoman Empire had asked for an armistice on Oct. 30th 1918. The Arabian provinces were lost (already partitioned between Britain and France by the secret Sykes-Picot-Agreement of 1917); France proceeded not only to occupy Syria and Lebanon, but also Cilicia. The Italians claimed the coast opposite the already Italian Dodekanese Islands; the Greeks desired the Smyrna region and Eastern Thrace.
Entente troops occupied the Straits area including Istanbul, which they demanded demilitarized. The powers contemplated the establishment of an Armenian State in northeastern Anatolia (under British protection) and a Kurdish State in southeastern Anatolia (under French protection); there was little room left for a Turkish state.

Sultan Mehmed VI. Vahiheddin, who had ascended to the throne only in July 1918, soon found himself unable to lead the affairs of his Empire, his own capital being occupied by Entente forces.
An energetic officer, the hero of Gallipoli, Mustafa Kemal (now commonly referred to as Kemal Atatürk) organized Turkish organizations in the Ankara region, establishing a provisorical administration and reorganising the Ottoman forces into a Turkish army.
In 1920 the Entente offered harsh conditions in the Treaty of Sevres, a treaty Turkey's parliament never ratified.
In 1921, France withdrew from Cilicia; the united front of the Entente disintegrated. Atatürk's forces defeated the Greeks in the Battle of Sakarya in 1922; in 1923 the Greeks were expelled from Smyrna. The Italians withdrew. The war had been decided militarily. The hitherto provisorical Turkish Republic gained international recognition in the Treaty of Lausanne (1923).

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