Ottoman Rule

Bosnia, the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte, 1789-1815

The French Revolution itself had little impact on Bosnia other than keep it's northern neighbour, Austria, focussed on the events in France and away from the Balkans (while the Russians were pursuing an active, expansive Balkans policy).
In 1797, Napoleon Bonaparte had given Venice proper to Austria and turned Venetian Dalmatia into France's ILLYRIAN PROVINCE, a province which was considerably extended in 1809 when Austria had to cede western Croatia, the Krain and Carinthia to France; Bosnia, since 1807, bordered on France (Dalmatia).
While Bosnia's Muslim community largely identified with the Ottoman cause, the country's large Croatian and Serb Orthodox minorities identified with the cause of their brethren across the border - Croatian Dalmatia respectively unruly Serbia proper.
More important than the immediate effects of the French Revolution and Napoleon's presence - Napoleon's plans to partition the Ottoman Empire on his way to British India were never carried out - were long-term consequences : the seed of nationalism was sewn.

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