1924-1935 World War II

Greece 1935 - 1940

In 1935 political sentiment in Greece tended toward a restoration of the monarchy. Prime Minister Panavis Tsaldaris resigned; he was succeeded by Venizelist Georgios Kondylis. A plebiscite was held which resulted in a convincing majority in favour of recalling King George II. The country was paralysed by elections results which created two blocks of equal strength, both just short of the majority - the People's Party (Tsaldaris) and the Liberals (Sophoulis). King George appointed a caretaker government; in April 1936, General Ioannis Metaxas was appointed caretaker prime minister.
Metaxas, an admirer of National Socialism, in August suspended parts of the constitution and established a dictatorship. Metaxas propagated a Third Hellenic Civilization (Ancient Greece and Byzantium being the first two).
Metaxas' admiration for the fascist regimes did not influence his foreign policy. In 1938, concerned by the Italian annexion of Albania, he proposed an alliance with Britain, an alliance Britain did not want to commit to at that time. When World War II broke out in 1939, Metaxas, aware of Greece's military an economic weakness, pursued a policy of neutrality. When Metaxas rejected an Italian ultimatum in October 1940, war was no longer avoidable; Italian forces invaded.
Radio broadcasting began in 1938.

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