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History of Kosovo, 1989-1999

In 1989 the autonomous status of Kosovo within Serbia was cancelled by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. In 1990 leaders of Kosovo's Albanian majority proclaimed independence; Milosevic dissolved the government of Kosovo. In the fall of 1990, tenthousands of ethnic Albanian state employees were fired. In 1992 the Kosovo Albanians elected Ibrahim Rugova president of (an imaginary) Repoublic of Kosovo.
While the War of Yugoslav Disintegration was fought in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, tying the Yugoslav army, low-scale violence took place in Kosovo.
In 1996 the Dayton Agreement ended the conflicts in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1998, responding to actions by Kosovo Albanian separatists, Serb police and regular forces began a concerted action, the Kosovo War. Several hundred thousand Kosovo Albanians were driven from their homes, looked for safety in Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro. In September 1998 NATO issued an ultimatum to the government of Rest-Yugoslavia; in March 1999 NATO launched air strikes against Rest-Yugoslavia. Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic ordered the withdrawal of Serb forces from Kosovo.

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