Montenegro 1660-1782

In 1687 and 1692 the Turks sacked Cetinje again. In 1697, DANILO PETROVIC was elected Vladika. In 1701 he built ST. PETER'S MONASTERY to replace the monastery established in 1484 by Ivan Crnojevic, which had been destroyed by the Turks in 1692. From 1697 onward, the Vladikas were chosen from the Petrovic family (Njegusi clan), thus beginning the PETROVIC DYNASTY. Because of celibacy, succession went from uncle to nephew.
At Vladika Danilo's orders, Montenegro's Muslim converts were massacred (1709), which caused the Sultan to respond by having Cetinje sacked again in 1712. With Peter the Great's Russia turning it's attention on the Ottoman Empire and it's christian population, Montenegro found an ally; Russian aid was instrumental in rebuilding Montenegro after the Turkish raid of 1712. Montenegrin forces defeated far superior Ottoman forces in 1712 and 1717.
The establishment of the ILLYRIAN PROVINCES in 1799 brought Montenegro in contact with France and resulted in Montenegro being given diplomatic recognition.

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