1526-1660 Illyrian Provinces

Ragusa (Dubrovnik) 1660-1808

In 1667, Ragusa was struck by a heavt earthquake. In 1683 the Turks were defeated in the Battle of Kahlenberg outside Vienna, and in the Treaty of Carlovitz 1699 they ceded all of Hungary, Transylvania, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Podolia to the victorious Austrians, Venetians and Poles. The Ottoman Empire was no more a threat to christian Europe, it turned into the "Sick Man of Europe".
Thus, Ragusa's special relations to the Ottoman Empire equally dropped in importance and the city's decline began. Ragusa continued it's policy of strict neutrality in the War of Austrian succession (1741-1748) and in the 7 Years War (1756-1763). With the intensification of oceanic trade, the Mediterranean trade in general and with it Ragusa's economic function continued to decline.
In 1806, the Republic of Ragusa was conquered by Napoleon's troops; in 1808 it was incorporated into the Illyrian Provinces.

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