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On the toppling of the Ceaucescu regime, a provisional government under Ion Iliescu (NSF) was formed, which was confirmed be elections. The new government entered upon a reform policy; the notorious Securitate was replaced by a new Romanian Intelligence Service.
The reforms brought a drastic cut in the welfare state, combined with a steep rise in the cost of living and rising unemployment figures. Reformist PM P. Roman had to resign in 1991; the nation's Gypsy minority was exposed to an increasingly xenophobic environment. In 1996 the NSF government was replaced by a conservative government; in 2000 the left returned to power. Iliescu was elected president.
Romania joined NATO in 2004 and is scheduled to join the EU in 2007. In 2003 Romania joined the Coalition of the Willing which invaded Iraq, in order to oust dictator Saddam Hussein.
In 1989, Romania had a population of 23.1 million; for 2000 it was estimated at 22.4 million. Romania has one of the highest birth rate figures in Europe; a considerable number of Romanians seek employment (and better pay) abroad.

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