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Serbia 1660-1789

In 1683, the Ottoman army failed in it's second attempt to take Vienna by siege. In the years after, the Austrians expelled the Ottomans from Hungary, and in the TREATY OF CARLOVITZ the Ottoman Empire had to cede Hungary except the Banat (Vojvodina), Transylvania and Slavonia to Austria. In 1718, in the TREATY OF PASSAROVITZ it hade to cede Little Valachia, the Banat, core Serbia with Belgrade and the southern bank of the Sava (northern Bosnia). When Maria Theresia was facing a coalition unwilling to concede to her succession, the Ottoman Empire took advantage and in the TREATY OF BELGRADE 1739 Austria ceded Serbia, Little Valachia and the southern bank of the Sava back to the Ottoman Empire.
The VOJVODINA (parts of the Banat, across the Danube from Belgrade) became the center of a Serb cultural revival, here most notably the monastery of FRUSKA GORA.
In 1774, the Ottoman Empire and Russia signed the TREATY OF KUTCHUK KAINARDJI, in which the Ottoman Empire accepted Russia as being the protector of the (Orthodox) Christians living in the Empire, which included the Serbian Orthodox community.

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