Serbia 1914-1918

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28th 1914 in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip started a chain of events. Princip was arrested, and his connections to Serbian government organizations could not be denied. Austria-Hungary's ultimatum to Serbia was met with almost complete compliance; yet Austria-Hungary declared war, and within 1 week Europe was at war.
Having great powers as allies, such as Russia, France and Britain did little to help Serbia in the moment. The Serbs, together with tiny Montenegro, faced the Austrians and lacked access to the sea, for vital supplies. Russian forces advanced far into Austro-Hungarian territory, but by the end of 1914 they were stopped and in 1915 pushed far back. Meanwhile, the Austrians had taken Belgrade in December 1914, but it was retaken by the Serbs in the same month. The Serbs suffered severely from a typhus epidemics in 1915; the Allies opened a vital supply line over Salonica. In October 1915, Bulgaria entered the war, cutting the supplies from Salonica; Serbia's defense collapsed. The Serbs, under extremely difficult conditions, withdrew across Albania and evacuated to Corfu (Greece), where an exile government was established, presided by Nikola Pasic. Meanwhile, in southern Macedonia the Serbs were able to regain a small stretch of territory around Bitola in 1916.
Most of Serbia now was occupied by Austrian forces, and remained so until October 1918, when the Allies staged a major offensive which lead to Austria-Hungary's surrender at the end of the month.

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