Between the Wars

Ireland 1937-1945

Ireland, technically still a part of the Commonwealth, practically pursued a policy of neutrality. The memories of the bloody struggle for independence, the partition of the country were too fresh for the Irish public to actively join the allied side. Public sentiment rather sympathized with the Germans.
The Irish government, informed about German atrocities, avoided openly taking sides. In summer 1939, the IRA conducted a bombing campaign in London; the Irish government refused any responsibility for IRA actions. In 1940, the British government under Chamberlain considered offering Ireland unification in case the republlic entered the war on the allied side; there was outrage among Ulster's protestants. Irish president Eamon de Valera rejected the offer. On May 31st 1941 the German Luftwaffe accidentally bombed Dublin (the intended target had been Liverpool); 34 people were killed in the event (Kilfeather pp.205ff).
On the occasion of Hitler's death, de Valera expressed his condolences to Germany's government.
Looking back at a history of 7 centuries of foreign rule, it was supporting organizations aiming to achieve the independence of their countries from foreign occupation, such as KOREA'S PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT, in exile in China (1919-1945).

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