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Haiti 1915-1945

The U.S. intervention of 1915 had been aimed at preventing the establishment of a German foothold in the Caribbean. Despite an anti-occupational rebellion in 1917, which was suppressed, the political situation stabilized. Parliament had been dissolved in 1917 (and was not reconvened until 1930). Presidents PHILIPPE SUDRE DARTIGUENAVE (1915-1922) and JOSEPH LOUIS BORNO (1922-1930) ruled by decree, in cooperation with the U.S. authorities.
In 1934, the occupation forces withdrew. In 1937, relations to the neighbouring Dominican Republic became very tense when Dominican President Trujillo had 20,000 Haitians living in the Dominican Republic massacred; a war was only narrowly avoided.
In World War II, Haiti declared war on the Axis powers (1941).

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