History of Afghanistan 1933-1945

Afghanistan 1918-1933

In 1919, HABIBULLAH KHAN - widely regarded pro-British - was assassinated. He was succeeded by his son AMANULLAH KHAN who declared a holy war (JIHAD) on the British - the THIRD AFGHAN WAR (1919). Shortly after the Peace of Rawalpindi was signed, based on the status quo ante. In this war, Afghanistan established her independence from British influence; to that effect the treaty of amity signed by Afghanistan with the RSFSR (1919) may be intended.
Only in 1926 did Amanullah proclaim himself king; he imposed a number of social reforms, alienating an Islamist opposition. In 1929 Amanullah had to flee the country. A brief period of Tajik rule followed, which again was followed by the rule of MOHAMMAD NADIR SHAH.

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