History of Turkmenistan Turkestan SSR 1918-1924

Governorate of Transcaspia, 1879-1897

The Russian conquest of Transcaspia was undertaken from the General Governorate of Caucasia, from the port of Baku. The main tool of the Russian opening of Transcaspia was the Transcaspian Railway, the construction of which was begun at Turkmenbashi (Krasnovodsk; the fortress of Krasnowodsk had been built in 1869) in 1879, toward Ashgabad and Merv (Mary). The conquest of Transcaspia was completed by 1885. An Anglo-Russian treaty of 1887 fixed the border between Russian Transcaspia and Afghanistan. Formally, the Governorate Transcaspian Region was established in 1881, capital Ashgabad.

In 1897 Transcaspia was detached from Caucasia and placed under the General Governorate of Turkestan.
Seen both from Tiflis (seat of the General Governorate of Caucasia) and from Tashkent (seat of the General Governorate of Turkestan), Transcaspia was a remote and underdeveloped region. The Russian administration of Transcaspia had the reputation of being extraordinarily corrupt (Pahlen Report 1908-1910).
The forced conscription of Turkmen into labour battalions in 1916 caused the Basmachi Revolt.

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