1953-1964 History of Kazakhstan 1985-1991

Kazakhstan 1964-1985

Administration . When Khrushchev was ousted by Brezhnev in 1964, Dinmukhamed Kunayev regained the position of First Secretary of the Kazakh Communist Party, a position he held on to for 22 years. Making use of Kazakh tradition, such as non-communication with outsiders (i.e. Moscow), he surrounded himself with Kazakhs loyal to himself, with the result that Kazakhs in state administration were overrepresented, compared with their share of the overall population. Thus, Kazakhstan achieved a degree of autonomy within the USSR.

Foreign Affairs . The Sino-Soviet Border Conflict of 1969 affected Kazakhstan because of her border with the PR China.

The Economy . The regions of northern Kazakhstan, where the ethnic Russian population element dominated, continued to produce large amounts of wheat, except for occasional years of drought. Coal mining in Karaganda continued, the Baikonur Cosmodrome continued to function as the center of the Soviet space program. Continued nuclear bomb test explosions at Semipalatinsk had detrimental impact on the ecology, as had the diversion of Amu Darya water for wasteful irrigation of cotton fields in Uzbekistan, which caused the Aral Sea to shrink and the Aral Sea fishery industry to die.
In 1979, Tengiz Oil Field and Karachaganak Oil Field were discovered, and exploitation began soon after.

Demography . The population estimate for 1964 is 11.511 million, that for 1985 15.739 million (J. Lahmeyer).

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