1929-1945 History of Tajikistan since 1991

Tajikistan 1945-1991

Although a separate Soviet Republic since 1925, Tajikistan was one of the more remote regions of the USSR. In the 1960es cotton production expanded considerably, and heavy industry (aluminum) was introduced. The industrial centers attracted immigrants from the other republics of the USSR, notably ethnic Russians. In the 1970s these non-Tajik residents of the republic experienced increasing hostility from the native Tajik population, among whom Islamic agitation increased; in 1978 major anti-Russian riots took place.
The Soviet garrisons were strengthened, restoring law and order for the moment. In 1979 Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan, thus beginning a long war in that country - with which Tajikistan not only shared a long border, but with which the Tajiks had strong historical ties, as Afghanistan too has a Tajik population element.
In 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev rose to power; the political atmosphere in the USSR liberalized; unofficial political groups Islamists, nationalists) emerged in Tajikistan. In 1989, TAJIK was proclaimed the official language. In 1990, the prospect of Azeri refugees (fleeing the conflict with Armenia) would be settled here triggered riots; the situation for the communist administration as well as for non-Tajik residents of the capital DUSHANBE became precarious, and Soviet troops were flown into the area.

Timeline History of Tajikistan, frpm BBC News
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