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Ottoman Empire Mughal Empire
First posted on June 13th 2010, last revised on December 9th 2011

Nader Shah ousted the brief Aghan Hotaki Dynasty from Iran, conquered Afghanistan, Khiva, Iraq, restored Persian suzerainty over the Caucasus, invaded the Punjab, sacked Delhi, capital of the once powerful Mughal Empire. Terminating the Safavid Dynasty in 1736, he established the Afsharid Dynasty.
Following his assassination in 1747, his empire quickly disintegrated.
The Emirate of Khwarezm or Khiva resumed its independence; the Durrani Empire in Afghanistan established independence; the Ottoman Empire retook Iraq. In 1750 the Afsharid Dynasty was ousted by the Zand Dynasty in all provinces of Iran except for Khorasan. Here the descendants of Nader Shah held on to power until 1796, when Khorasan was annexed by the Qajar Dynasty . The Afsharid capital, from 1750 to 1796, was Mashhad.

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