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Anatolia 1071-1517
First posted on February 2nd 2012

Sasanid Iran . 225-644/651, capital Ctesiphon (in modern Iraq); official religion Zoroastrianism

Umayyad Iran . 644/651-750. Most of Iran proper was conquered; Gilan and Tabaristan resisted.

Abbasid Iran . 750-934. The Abbasid Revolution drew much of its support from Iran. In 762 the Abbasid capital was established at Baghdad. The Abbasid administration pursued a policy of discrimination against Zoroastrianism and Shi'ism. From the mid 9th century on, the Abbasid suzerainty was challenged.

Saffarids, Samanids and Buyids 870s-1050s. The Saffarids, based on Sistan, were the first to openly defy Abbasid rule. The Samanids emerged as loyal Abbasid governors of Khorasan. When the Shi'ite Buyids established control of western Iran (930s), and then also of Iraq (945), the Samanids rose from Abbasid governors to independent rulers.

Seljuqs and Ghaznavids 1030s to 1170s. The Turkish Seljuqs overran the Samanids and Buyids, and established a large empire, which in the early 12th century fell apart; the part controlling Iran were the Seljuqs of Hamadan. From a base in modern Afghanistan, Turk Mahmud of Ghazni established control of much of Northern India.

Khwarizm Shah and the Ghurids 1170s to 1220s. Khwarizm Shah conquered Khorasan and Western Iran; the Ghurids succeeded the Ghaznavids in Afghanistan and Northern India.

Ilkhanate 1250s to 1350s. Hulagu Khan overran the realm of Khwarizm Shah and established the Ilkhanate. In 1295 converson to Islam. In the early 14th century disintegration.

Timurid Iran to 1450. From his base in Samarkand, Timur Lenk (Tamerlane), a Muslim of Mongol descent, established an empire the core of which was Iran and the raison d'etre was conquest and pillage. Rapid disintegration under his successors

Qara Qoyunlu, Aq Qoyunlu. Turkoman federations who in the 15th century rivalled over control of Iran. In 1478 the Aq Qoyunlu emerged victorious over their rivals. In 1501-1510 they lost most of Iran to the Safavid Dynasty.

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Students' Papers : Lee, Hwee Jun, Zoroastrianism-Related Archaeology (2012)
Students' Papers : Kim, Sun Hoo, History of Food and Nutrition in West Asia (2009)

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Money & Finances Persia : Money, from Marteau Platform in Economic History
Textile Industry History of Persian Carpets, from Iran Chamber Society
The history of brocaded silk-weaving in Iran, from CAIS
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Ceramic Industry Islamic Ceramics : Samanid Ceramics, from Ashmolean Museum
Metal Industry
Mining Iranian Oil History in Brief, from Iranian Journalist
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Iran, from Executed Today
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Crime and Society : A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World : Iran
Alcohol and Drugs History Society : Iran; Epidemiology of Drug Use in Iran, from UNODC
Palearctic Ecoregion, from WWF

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Atlas of Iran, from Wikimedia Commons
Map : Turkic Languages, from Titus
Maps : Languages of the Caucasus, Iranian Languages from Titus
Map : Linguistic Composition of Iran, from FarsiNet
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Map : Ghaznavid Iran 1030, from Wikipedia
Map : Seljuk Empire 1092, from Wikipedia
Map : Ghori Dynasty 1149-1212, from Wikipedia
Map : Iran - Ilkhanids (text in Farsi), Ilkhanate 1256-1353, greatest extent, from Wikipedia
Map : Iran-Ilkhanids 1251-1293 (1971), from Wikimedia Commons
Map : Timurid Empire 821-873 AH, from Wikipedia
Map : Samanid Dynasty, from Wikipedia
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Map : Aq Qoyunlu Confederation 1478, from Wikipedia
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The Saffarids, from David Collection
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Buyid The Fitzwilliam Museum, Buyid Iran
Buwayhids, from J. Roberts, Early Islamic Coins
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Ghaznavids, from David Collection
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Timurids, from David Collection
Qara Qoyunlu Qara Qoyunlu, from J. Roberts, Early Islamic Coins
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