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First posted on December 10th 2004, last revised on October 28th 2009

History of the Territory of the Modern Province of Gansu

The territory of modern Gansu did not belong to the Xia Dynasty (1989-1558), Shang Dynasty (1556-1046 BC) and Zhou Dynasty (1046-221 BC). Qin (221-206) was the first Chinese state to expand along the Silk Road; during Qin construction of the Great Wall of China was begun, continued under Western Han (221 BC - 8 AD), Xin 8-22 AD and Eastern Han 25-220. Then Gansu was under Cao Wei 220-265, under Western Jin 265-317. Former Liang 314-376, Former Qin 376-384, Later Liang 386-403, then split between Western Liang 400-421, Northern Liang 398-439 and Southern Liang 397-414. From 284 to 670, southern parts of Gansu belonged to Tuyuhun. From c.420 to 581, northern Gansu was under the Northern Dynasties until Sui (581-618) again reunited China. Sui was followed by Tang (618-846), then under Gansu (state) 848-1036 then Western Xia 1038-1227, followed by Yuan (1234-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911), the Republic of China (1911-1949). Since 1949 Gansu forms part of the People's Republic of China.

History of the Gansu as a Chinese Province

Under the Han Dynasty, the territory of Gansu was under the Liang province, under Western Jin nothern Gansu under Liang, southern Gansu under Qin province. Under Sui, Gansu was under Yong. Under Tang, Gansu wasa part of Long province. Under Yuan, Gansu formed a province by that name 1266-1368. From 1368 to 1667 Shaanxi and Gansu formed one province, called Gansu by some sources, Shaanxi by another. In 1667 Gansu and Shaanxi were separated; from 1667 to 1670 Gansu was called Gongchang. In the late 19th century, Xinjiang, Ningxia Uyghur were regarded part of Gansu.

Timeline : Gansu

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