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Literature on the History of East Africa
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First posted on September 26th 2007, last revised on November 12th 2013

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For the country's earlier history, see History of Burundi, History of Rwanda, History of German East Africa
For the country's later history, see History of Burundi, History of Rwanda

Ruanda-Urundi 1916-1962
During World War I in 1916 Belgian troops occupied Rwanda and Burundi, hitherto protectorates which formed part of German East Africa. In 1920, Belgium was granted the mandated territory of Ruanda-Urundi. It was annexed as a province into Belgian Congo. The Belgian Congolese administration continued the protectorate status of Ruanda and Burundi. The Belgian Congolese currency was introduced; French became the language of administration.
When the Belgian Congo was released into independence in 1960, Belgium held on to the mandated territory of Ruanda-Urundi for two more years; when independence was granted in 1962, the territory was split into the Republics of Rwanda and Burundi.

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Historical Office de l'information et des relations publiques pour le Congo belge et le Ruanda-Urundi, Ruanda-Urundi: Geography and History (1960), posted on Internet Archive
Specific Periods The Changing Face of Africa : Rwanda and Burundi, Belgian Rule
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Military National Defense and the Canadian Forces, Operation UN Commission for Ruanda-Urundi
Economy & Finances Currency Boards and Dollarization by Kurt Schuler; click for Rwanda, Burundi
Office de l'information et des relations publiques pour le Congo belge et le Ruanda-Urundi, Economy vol.1, vol.2; posted by IA
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Archdiocese of Kigali, from Catholic Hierarchy
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Burundi : Descent into Chaos or Manageable Crisis ? from writenet, article from 1995, covers history 1850-1966.
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Laws Conseil d'Etat (Belgium), Chrono, Textes legislatifs et arretes de nature reglementaire, arrets d'annulation de la Cour constitutionnelle, arrets d'annulation du Conseil d'Etat en matiere reglementaire, ainsi que circulaires d'interet general, 1487-today
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detail, contemporary U.S. Army Map Service, Ruanda-Urundi Topographic Maps 1:100,000 (1942), PCL UTexas
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Secular Article Ruanda, Urundi, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 4th ed. 1885-1892, in German, Retrobibliothek
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