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Literature on the History of East Asia

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Relevant Institutions : Digital Libraries :
PR China, South Korea, Taiwan
Japan, National Diet Library, Digital Services
University of Hong Kong Libraries, Digital Initiatives
RASKB, Uden Library (on Korea)
CBETA (Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association)

Relevant Institutions : Hemerotheques (Digital Newspaper Archives) :
ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers, Newspaper digitization projects, scroll down for China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Bulletin periodique de la presse chinoise 1917-1939, Gallica
Bulletin periodique de la presse japonaise 1917-1940, Gallica

Relevant Institutions : Archives :
TANAP (Toward a New Age in Partnership in Dutch East India Company Archives and Research)
National Archives of PR China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
Public Record Office, Hong Kong; Okinawa Prefectural Archives
JACAR, Japan Center for Asian Historical Records
National Archives of former Colonial Powers : Archives Nationales d'Outremer (France), Bundesarchiv (Germany), Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo (Portugal), National Archives (UK)
Vatican Secret Archives
Endangered Archives Programme: EAP012: dongjing archives in Yunnan, China: transcript, score, ritual and performance, EAP081: Yi archives in public and private collections in Yunnan, China, EAP143: Last hieroglyphic manuscripts in China: Shui archives in Libo, Guizhou, EAP209: dongjing archives in Jianshui, Tonghai and Mengzi, EAP217: Yi archives in south dialect in Yunnan, China, EAP460: Shui manuscripts from private collections in South Guizhou, EAP550: Yao manuscripts from South Yunnan: text, image and religion

Relevant Institutions : Academic Journals :
University of Washington University Libraries : Asian History : Electronic Journals
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies : Online Journals
Hong Kong Journals Online
FULL TEXT ONLINE (no registration)
Journal Asiatique (in French) 1822-1897, 1903-1938, 1940, Gallica
Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch, Transactions, 1900-2011
Bulletin de l'Ecole française d'Extreme-Orient 1901-2003
Academia Sinica, Asia Major 1923-2012 (issues until 2010 online)
Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Journal, 1961-2008
Journal of Song-Yuan Studies 1970-
East Asian History 1991-2008
Early Medieval China 1994-
Acta Koreana 1998-2013
Korean Studies Newsletter
Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies 2001-2013
Journal of Northeast Asian History 2007-2013
Crossroads. Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World 2010-2013
Journal Asiatique (in French) 1822-1897, 1903-1938, 1940, Gallica
Oriens Extremus 1954-2011
Crossroads, Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World, 2010-2013

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Reference Material : Bibliography :
The Scarecrow Historical Dictionary series by country contains extensive bibliography sections. See under Historical Dictionaries
S. Chatani, A Basic Guide to Resources on Japanese Colonialism 2012
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includes reference works in non-English, especially in Asian languages; excludes Central and Western Asia
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East Asian Maritime History, Publications
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Internet Guide for Chinese Studies
B.A. Elman, Classical Bibliography for Chinese History
Academia.edu, Documents in Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming, Ming, Qing Dynasty, in Chinese History
Royal Asiatic Society Shanghai Library Catalogue (modern); A Catalogue of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1881

Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 (Wiener China-Bibliographie 1477-1939; with active links to digital versions, if available)
H. Cordier, Bibliotheca Sinica, vol.1 1904, vol.2 1885, Gallica
H. Cordier, L'Imprimerie Sino-Europeenne en Chine. Bibliographie des Ouvrages publies en Chine par les Europeens au XVIIe et au XVIIIe siecle, 1901, Gallica
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Bibliography of Japanese History up to 1912
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Academia.edu, Documents in Japanese History
Academia.edu, Documents in Ryukyu Kingdom
Academia.edu, Documents in Taiwanese History

Reference Material : Atlases, Maps :
I. Barnes, R. Hudson, The History Atlas of Asia (MacMillan), 1998 [G]
T. Lessman's Atlas of World History (-1500)
University of Texas, Perry Castaneda Library, Map Collection Topographical Maps, Asia
Atlas of Mutual Heritage
David Rumsey Map Collection, search for East Asia, China etc.
J.G. Bartholomew, A Literary and Historical Atlas of Asia 1912, Sejarah Melayu Library
China Historical GIS, Harvard
Omniatlas, China 1949-1978
History, Cultural and Commercial Atlas of China partly links to outside websites, partly maps from Albert Herrmann, Ph.D., "History and Commercial Atlas of China" (Harvard UP 1935)
Carte industrielle de la Chine 1885, Gallica
Samurai Archives, Maps (of Japan, pre-1600)
Edmaps, Historical Maps of China, Japan (links)

Reference Material : Statistical Data :
IHS : B.R. Mitchell, International Historical Statistics. Africa, Asia & Oceania 1750-2000, London : Palgrave 2003 [G]
Jan Lahmeyer, Population Statistics : Asia; has tables showing historical data
Documents statistiques officiels sur l'Empire de la Chine, 1841, in French, GB

Reference Material : Historical Dictionaries :
W. Hamilton, The East India Gazetteer 1815 ed., IA; 1828 ed. vol.1 GB, col.2 GB
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F.P. Smith, A vocabulary of proper names, in Chinese and English, of places, persons, tribes, and sects, in China, Japan, Corea, Annam, Siam, Burmah, the Straits and adjacent countries 1870, IA
Pacific War Online Encyclopedia
Scarecrow Historical Dictionaries : PR China 1949-1977, 2007 [G]; Hong Kong and Macao 2006 [G]
China Knowledge, a universal guide for China studies
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Samurai Archives. SamuraiWiki
Scarecrow Historical Dictionaries : Taiwan 1993, 2005 [G]

Reference Material : National Biographies :
Wikipedia Article : Biographical Dictionary; see under China, Japan
H.A. Giles, A Chinese Biographical Dictionary, 1898, IA

Reference Material : Databases :
Monastic Asia, Mapping Buddhist Monasteries. Databank, work in progress.
CITAS (China in Time and Space)
Hong Kong Economic History Database
The Marteau Early 18th Century Currency Converter (Japan)

Reference Material : Lists of Rulers :
Regnal Chronologies, China, Japan, Korea
Ben Cahoon, World Statesmen
I. Mladjov, Monarchs

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Primary Sources : Surveys . Compilations . Travelogues . Tour Guides . Historiography . Mission Journals . Yearbooks . Image Collections . Coins . Religious Literature . Commercial Directories . Other

Primary Sources : Surveys :
Ch.11 : De Scriptoribus Rerum Orientalium atque Asiaticarum, pp.230-263, in B.G. Struve, Selecta bibliotheca historica, 1705, in Latin, GB ; a catalogue of narrative historical sources
WHKMLA : Online Catalogues of Oriental Manuscripts, Codices, Early Printed Books; numerous relevant entries
Colonial Film, Moving Images of the British Empire
UNC Resources for Korean Studies
S. Fessler, Chinese Historical Sources, Japanese Historical Resources, Korean Historical Resources
The Rekidai Hoan: Documents of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Kyoto Review 2003
T. Zhang, Using On-line Public Digital Libraries and Free Databases for Research on Late Imperial China, 2011

Primary Sources : Compilations :
North China Herald, Treaties, &c., Great Britain, France, America, Russia, the Netherlands & Portugal: with China & Japan, 1861, GB
Treaties between the Empire of China and foreign powers together with regulations for the conduct of foreign trade, &c. , 1877, SBB
North China Herald Office, Treaties Between the Empire of China and Foreign Powers 1901, IA
W.F. Mayers, Treaties between the empire of China and foreign powers, together with regulations for the conduct of foreign trade, conventions, agreements, regulations, etc (1877) 1906, posted on Internet Archive
E. Hertslet, Hertslet's China treaties. Treaties, &c., between Great Britain and China: and between China and foreign powers; and orders in council, rules, regulations, acts of Parliament, decrees, &c., affecting British interests in China, vol.1 1908, vol.2 1908, IA
China, Imperial Maritime Customs, Treaties, Conventions and Customs between China and Foreign States, vol.1 1908, vol.2 1908, SBB
John V.A. MacMurray (ed.), Treaties and agreements with and concerning China, 1894-1919, vol.1 1894-1911, vol.2 1912-1919, 1921, IA
Carnegie Endowment, Korea : Treaties and Agreements (1921), posted on Internet Archive
H. Chung, Korean Treaties (1919), posted on Internet Archive
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Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Documents Diplomatiques, Evacuation de Shanghai, 1900 -1903, 1903, Gallica, Affaires de Chine 1885 1885, Gallica Chine 1894-1898 1898, Gallica, Chine 1898-1899 1899, Gallica, Chine 1899-1900, 1900, Gallica, Chine 1900-1901 1901, Gallica
Chine 1901 1901, Gallica
Recueil des documents diplomatiques relatifs a la Legation française 1845, Gallica
H. Cordier (ed.), La France en Chine au XVIIIe siecle : documents inedits 1883, Gallica
East Asian History Sourcebook, Fordham Univ.
P. Buckley Ebrey, A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
Chinese History Documents, from John Fairbank Memorial Chinese History Virtual Library
Chinese History : Government Documents, posted by R.R. Wertz
D.F. Navarrete, Tratados historicos, politicos, ethicos y religiosos de la monarchia de China, 1676, in Spanish, GB
Shuck, Jehu Lewis, Portfolio Chinensis: or a collection of authentic Chinese state papers illustrative of the history of the present position of affairs in China, 1840, SBB
Asia for Educators : Primary Sources with Questions, China, 1450-1914
Society for Qing Studies, Primary Sources for Qing History links lead to Chinese language digital sources
Taiwan Documents Project
Varietes Sinologiques : Kiao-ou-ki-lio... : "Resume des affaires religieuses" 1917, Gallica
C. Mayo, Online Digitized Primary Sources for Pre-Modern Japanese History 2013
National Archives of Japan, Digital Archives, Documents of Ryukyu

Primary Sources : Explorers' Travelogues :
The book of Ser Marco Polo the Venetian, concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the East vol.1 1903, vol.2 1903, IA
The Travels of John de Marignolli 1339-1353, Silk Road Narratives
H. Malcolm, Travels in South Eastern Asia, Embracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam and China vol.1 1839, vol.2 1839, GB
L. de Carne, Travels in Indo-China and the Chinese empire 1872, IA
J. Thomson, The straits of Malacca, Indo-China and China; or, Ten years' travels, adventures and residence abroad 1875, IA

Primary Sources : Tour Guides :
W.F. Mayers et al., The treaty ports of China and Japan : A complete guide to the open ports of those countries, together with Peking, Yedo, Hongkong and Macao : forming a guide book & vade mecum for travellers, merchants, and residents in general, 1867, Harvard Open Collection
Keeling's Guide to Japan: Yokohama, Tokio, Hakone, Fujiyama, Kamakura, Yokoska, Kanozan, Narita ... 1890, IA
E.R. Scidmore, Westward to the Far East; a guide to the Principal cities of China and Japan with a note on Korea 1893, IA
Guide book for tourists in Japan 1898, IA
A Short Guide-book for Tourists in Japan 1905, IA
Madrolle, Northern China, the valley of the Blue River, Korea 1912, IA
Chinese Government Railways, Travellers' Guide, 1922. IA
U.S. Army, Pocket guide to China 1943, IA; Pocket Guide to Korea 1962, 1970, RASKB
Terry's Japanese Empire, 1914, 1928, RASKB

Primary Sources : Historiography :
Primary Sources : Historiography
a) Translation into a Western Language
Ssu-ma Chien, Records of the Grand Historian of China, trsl. by B. Watson, 2 vols. 1961 [G]
China History Forum, Shiji Project
The History of the Former Han Dynasty
Nanjung Ilgi, War Diary of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, 1977 [G]
Basic Annals of Ming Taizu 1975, trsl. R. Taylor, MHETP
Khian-Loung, Histoire de la Dynastie des Ming, Fr. trsl., 1865, Gallica
Nipon o dai itsi ran; ou, Annales des empereurs du Japon 1834, IA; trsl. Titsingh/Klaproth
Yuan Yung-lun, History of the Pirates who infested the Chinese Sea 1807-1810, GB; trsl. Neumann
b) Online Editions in an Oriental Language
Ilyon, Samguk Yusa [Korean chronicle, late 13th century], in Chinese script, CBETA
Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, in Hangeul
The Daily Records of Royal Secretariat of Joseon Dynasty, in Hangeul
Diary of Self-examination [1760-1910], in Hangeul
J.G. de Mendoza, The History of the Great and Mighty Kingdom of China vol.1, vol.2, 1589, Project Gutenberg
A General History of the Several Nations of the World, The History of China pp.326-363, The History of Japan pp.388-394, 1751, GB
J.J. Vojeu de Brunem, Histoire de la conquete de la Chine par les tartares Mancheoux 1754, IA
F.M. de Marsy, Histoire moderne des Chinois, des Japonois, des Indiens etc., vol.1 : Histoire des Chinois 1771, IA
G. Sale et al., The Modern Part of a Universal History, 1759-1764 edition, vol.8, 1759, GB, China and Korea, vol.9, 1759, GB, The Empire of Japan pp.1-169
D. Ramsay, Universal History Americanized, vol.2 1819, GB : China pp.271-319, Japan pp.339-348

Primary Sources : Mission Journals :
Mission Periodicals Online, from Yale Univ. Library
Magazin für die neueste Geschichte der evangelischen Missions- und Bibelgesellschaften 1818, 1820, 1824, 1827, 1831, 1832, 1836, 1837, 1838, 1841, 1850, 1853, 1867 GB; 1818-1856 from Yale Univ. Library
Church Missionary Society (London), Missionary Register, GB; vol.11 1823, vol.12 1824, vol.14 1826, vol.16 1828, vol.17 1829, vol.20 1832, vol.30 1842, vol.36 1848, vol.38 1850
London Missionary Society, The Missionary Magazine and Chronicle, 1860, 1862, 1864-I, IA; 1848-1866 at Yale Univ. Library (full view)
Annales de la propagation de la foi 1834-1933, Gallica

Primary Sources : Yearbooks :
Britannica Book of the Year 1913, 1942-1997, 1999, 2002 [G]; KMLA Library has vol. 1998, 2006
Statesman's Yearbook 1878, 1889, 1895, 1898, 1901-1902, 1904-1907, 1910, 1912, 1918, 1919, 1924-1926, 1928-1929, 1932-1933, 1937, 1942-1943, 1961-1962, 1962-1963, 1970-1971, 1973-1974, 1975-1976 to 1976-1977, 1978-1979 to 2011
Statesman's Yearbook 1867 IA, 1868 IA, 1869 IA, 1871 IA, 1872 IA, 1873 IA, 1874 IA, 1875 IA, 1876 IA, 1877 IA, 1878 IA, 1879 IA, 1880 IA, 1881 IA, 1882 IA, 1883 IA, 1884 IA, 1885 IA, 1886 IA, 1887 IA, 1888 IA, 1889 IA, 1890 IA, 1891 IA, 1892 IA, 1894 IA, 1895 IA, 1896 IA, 1899 IA, 1903 IA, 1913 IA, 1919 IA, 1921 IA
Americana Annual 1927-1928, 1930-1941, 1943-1947, 1950-1954, 1957-1981, 1983-1990, 1992-1995, 1997-1998, 2000-2002, 2005-2006, 2008
(New) International Yearbook 1898-1900, 1907-1910, 1913-1914, 1916-1926, 1928-1935, 1937-1946, 1954, 1957, 1959, 1961-1962 [G]; Internet Archive provides links to scans of volumes of 1925-1959
Yearbook on International Communist Affairs 1968, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1989 [G]
NATIONAL (Staatskalender)
Deutscher Kolonialatlas, 1905 Entry Ostasien, German or., Engl. trsl., 1906 Entry Ostasien, German or., Engl. trsl., 1907 Entry Ostasien, German or., Engl. trsl., 1908 Entry Kiautschou, German or., Engl. trsl., 1909 Entry Kiautschou, German or., Engl. trsl., 1910 Entry Kiautschou, German or., Engl. trsl., 1911 Entry Kiautschou, German or., 1912 Entry Kiautschou, German or., 1913 Entry Kiautschou, Engl. trsl., 1914 Entry Kiautschou, German or., Engl. trsl., 1918 Entry Kiautschou, German or., Engl. trsl., psm-data
Annual Report on the Administration of Tyosen 1937-1938, RASKB; see W. Wetherall, Korea, Chosen, and Tyosen reports

Primary Sources : Image Collections :
Historical Photographs of China
Old Photos of Japan; Early Photography of Japan, Japanese Old Photograps in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period
KoreanHistory.info : Photos of Old Korea; Pilgrim with a Passport, Historic Photographs of Korea
Old Tokyo, historic postcards
Historic Chinese Postcard Project
Horace Bristol, Korea, 1948, 1951, RASKB
Lafayette College Libraries, Digital Collections, East Asia Image Collections

Primary Sources : Coins :
Oriental Coins Database
T. de Lacouperie et al., Catalogue of Chinese coins from the VIIth cent. B.C., to A.D. 621 1892, IA
British Museum, Catalogue of the Japanese Coin Collection (pre-Meiji) at the British Museum, 2010
M. Ichihara, Coinage of Old Korea, Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch, Transactions vol.4 pt.2,3

Primary Sources : Religious Literature :
Monumenta Sinica cum disquisitionibus criticis pro vera apologia Jesuitarum contra falsam apologiam Dominicanorum et pro recto totius causae Sinensis judicio, 1700, GB
C.F. Horne, The sacred books and early literature of the East; with an historical survey and descriptions vol.11 : Ancient China: The king, or ancient classics, The four great books of the philosophers; Hirth, F. Bibliography [not found online], vol.12 Taoism, Later taoist texts, Other religions, History and drama; Hirth, F. Bibliography, 1917, IA, vol.13 Japan: The Kojiki, or "records of ancient matters", The Nihongi, or "chronicles of Japan", The Yengishiki, or Shinto rituals, The Man-Yoshu, or "myriad leaves", The Kokinshu, or "collection of odes", Genji Monogatari, the foremost Japanese novel, The medieval drama of Japan, Basho, the chief Japanese poet, Modern Buddhism in Japan; Griffis, W.E. bibliography 1917, IA
Internet Sacred Text Archive : Taoist Texts, Confucianism : The Chinese Classics, Shinto Scripture; B.H. Chamberlain's Aino Folk-Tales 1888

Primary Sources : Commercial Directories :
Primary Sources : historic commercial directories etc.
W. Beawes, Lex mercatoria rediviva; or, The merchant's directory. 1754 ed. IA, China pp.654-661, Corea pp.661-662, Japan pp.674-678; 1792 ed. IA, China pp.821-829, Corea pp.829-830, Japan pp.845-847
W. Dickinson, Universal Commerce, 1818, GB; Canton pp.63-64, Japan pp.118-119
C. Vere, The pocket cambist, containing tables of monies of the principal cities in all parts of the world 1836, GB; China and Japan p.9
Knight's cyclopaedia of the industries of all nations 1851, IA; China pp.582-584, Japan pp.1079-1080
W.A. Browne, Merchants' Handbook 1879; China pp.82-88, 215-255, Japan pp.100-104, 282-283
H. Dent, Transactions in foreign exchanges, a handbook for the use of bankers, merchants and students 1920, IA; China p.63, Hong Kong p.54, Japan p.90

Primary Sources : Other :
Primary Sources : other
Foreign Relations of the United States, 1861-1960
Chau Ju-kua: his work on the Chinese and Arab trade in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, entitled Chu-fan-chi 1911, IA
Imjin Changch'o, Admiral Yi Sun-sin's Memorials to Court, 1981 [G]
Takezaki Suenaga's Scrolls of the Mongol Invasion
Japan pp.317-342, China pp.342-348 in : United States Bureau of Foreign Commerce, Labor in America, Asia, Africa, Australasia, and Polynesia 1885, IA
Lives of Eminent Monks (written in 1215 in Korea; text versions offered are in Chinese and in Korean)

Relevant Institutions . Reference Material . Primary Sources . Secondary Sources : Surveys . Secondary Sources : Specific Topics . WHKMLA Pages . WHKMLA Student Papers

Secondary Sources : Surveys
J.E.R. Käuffer, Überblick der Geschichte Ost-Asiens in sechs Vorlesungen 1864, IA
J.E.R. Käuffer, Geschichte von Ostasien, vol.1 1858, vol.2 1859, vol.3 1860, IA
A.S. Krausse, The Far East, its history and its question 1900, IA
A.H. Wirth, Ostasien in der Weltgeschichte, 1901, IA
I.C. Hannah, Eastern Asia, a history, being the second edition of A brief history of eastern Asia, entirely rewritten 1911, IA
Viscount Bryce, The Book of history; a history of all nations from the earliest times to the present vol.1 : Man and the Universe. Japan, 1915, vol.2 : The Far East, 1915, IA
J.T. Payson, The Far East A Political And Diplomatic History 1928, IA
P. Buckley Ebrey et al., Pre-Modern East Asia : to 1800, A Cultural, Social and Political History, 2006 [G]

Relevant Institutions . Reference Material . Primary Sources . Secondary Sources : Surveys . Secondary Sources : Specific Topics . WHKMLA Pages . WHKMLA Student Papers

Specific Topics : by Period . Historiography . Economic History . Environmental History . Social History . History of Religion . Cultural History . Geographic Literature . History by Country

Specific Topics : by Period
China Knowledge, Prehistoric Cultures of China
T.L.D. Lu, Prehistoric Coexistence: The Expansion of Farming Society from the Yangzi River Valley to Western South China, Interactions between Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers: from Prehistory to Present, Senri Ethnological Studies 73 2009 pp.47-52
600 BCE TO 600 CE
600 CE TO 1450 CE
J. Abeli, Causes of Piracy in Medieval Japan, thesis 2011
1450 CE TO 1750 CE
J. Bolander, Beyond Yi And Yu The Quest for Understanding Japan's 1592-1598 Invasion of Korea 2012
E.W. Wagner, The Literati Purges: Political Conflict in Early Yi Korea, 1974, RASKB
Y.K. Wang, Managing Hegemony in East Asia: China's Rise in Historical Perspective 2013; focus on Qing hegemony in East Asia
1750 CE TO 1914 CE
Jia, R.X., The Legacies of Forced Freedom: China's Treaty Ports
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SINCE 1914
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G.J. Smits, Topics in Modern East Asian History
Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific, History Textbooks: Joint East Asia Supplementary History Textbook, English translation of Introduction and Table of Contents of a textbook published in 2005 in Japanese
Y. Cho, Introduction: Colonial Modernity and Beyond in the East Asian Context 2012

Specific Topics : Historiography
Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group, Washington D.C., Researching Japanese War Crimes Records, 2006
D.R. Woolf (ed.), A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing, 2 vols. 1998 [G]; Articles : Chinese Historical Thought, vol.1 pp.158-161, Chinese Historiography vol.1 pp.161-172, Japanese Historiography vol.1 pp.481-488 Korean Historiography, vol.2 pp.511-514

Specific Topics : economic history
F. H. King, Farmers of Forty Centuries; Or, Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan, 1911, RASKB
J. Kimura, Shipwreck Asia, 2010 despite title exclusively on East Asia
S.X. Tang et al., Exploration of the Origin of Keng Rice (Japonica) in China, n.d.
K.N. Dikshit et al., The Earliest Pottery in East Asia: A Review, Puratattva 42
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Economic History of Premodern China (from 221 BC to c. 1800 AD), Economic History of Hong Kong, EH.net Encyclopedia
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P.C. Purdue, Rise and Fall of the Canton Trade System
E. Kaplan, Chinese Economic History from the Stone Age to Mao's Age, 1997, ToC, chapters, IA-WM
B. Dalzell, Coinage and History in Ancient China, NumisWiki
T. Wright, Coal Mining in China's Economy and Society 1895-1937, 1984 [G]
K. Ohno, The Economic Development of Japan. The Path Traveled by Japan as a Developing Country, 2006
Japanese Industrialization and Economic Growth, EH.net Encyclopedia
Old Currency prompted by Tang Threat, Japan Times Jan 21 1999
International Cultural Foundation, Economic Life in Korea, 1982 [G]
The Economic History of Korea, EH.net Encyclopedia
T.J. Lee, Economic Policies of Japan in the Colonial Korea and Taiwan 2010
Economic History of Chosen, Compiled in commemoration of the decennial of the Bank of Chosen. 1921, RASKB
Economic History of Manchuria, Compiled in commemoration of the decennial of the Bank of Chosen. 1920, RASKB
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The Economic History of Taiwan, EH.net Encyclopedia
T.J. Lee, Economic Policies of Japan in the Colonial Korea and Taiwan 2010
A.H. Amsden, Taiwan's Economic History: A Case of Etatisme and a Challenge to Dependency Theory 1979

Specific Topics : environmental history
M. Elvin, The Retreat of the Elephants. An Environmental History of China, 2004 [G]
The Environmental History of China and the Sustainable Management of Governments
China's Conservation of Forestry, History of Forests in China
C. Song et al., Forest Cover in China from 1949 to 2006 2009
Liu, J.L., Reconstructing the History of Forestry in Northwestern China, 1949-1998
Li, X.P., Forest Policy in China. The Past, Present and Future
O. Saito, Forest History and the Great Divergence: China, Japan and the West, draft 2008; Lingnan one of the examined areas
H.C. Wang, Deforestation and Desiccation in China A Preliminary Study, n.d.
Encyclopedia of Earth, Air Pollution in China
P.H. Gleick, China and Water, 2009
World Nuclear Association, Nuclear Power in Japan
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Zhang, H.L. et al., Flood Control and Management for Large Rivers in China

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Specific Topics : cultural history
Distribution of Asian Languages, map from Muturzikin; Linguistic Maps from Titus Didactica, scroll down for Asia
Languages of Asia, from Ethnologue; click on country
China Knowledge : Phags-Pa Script (13th century, promoted for use in China by the Yuan)
Omniglot : Nüshu (women's script); related Wikipedia article
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Specific Topics : by Country
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Shim, Soho, The Influence of China on the Development of Early Global Trade, and the Role of Silver (2013)
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Kim, Jinseo, The Jeju Anti-Guerilla Campaign : The Red Hunt 1948-1950 (2005)

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