1795-1815 1846-1867
Congress Poland
Grand Duchy of Posen

Galicia 1815-1846

The VIENNA CONGRESS confirmed the KINGDOM OF GALICIA AND LODOMERIA, so its official name, as Austrian possession. The area covered c. 85,000 square km and had a population of c. 3.3 million, the most important ethnic groups being the Poles (c. 47 %) and the Ruthenians (Ukrainians, c. 45 %), the most important minorities being the Jews and Germans. LEMBERG (Lvov, Lviv) was seat of governor and administration. The BUKOWINA with her Ruthenian and Moldavian population was treated as an annex to Galicia.
The peasants had been freed by Joseph II., but were obliged to work for the estate owners (CORVEE). In 1817 a GALICIAN DIET assembled, organized in 4 estates - clergy, higher nobility, lower nobility and two representatives of the city of Lvov. It met annually.
In 1817 the University of Lvov was reopened; language of instruction, since 1924, was German. In 1827 the OSSOLINEUM was founded, becoming the center of Polish cultural activity.
After the REBELLION OF 1830 in Russian Poland Austrian authorities applied a more suppressive policy toward Polish patriotic organizations; suspects were arrested by the secret police. The policy of GERMANIFICATION was intensified.

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