1815-1848 1871-1890
Galicia 1846-1867 Polish National Movement

The Province of Posen 1848-1871

A.) 1848/1849

The year 1848 saw revolution all over Germany and beyond. German revolutionaries liberated the arrested MIEROSLAWSKI, and he was celebrated as a hero in the streets of Berlin. Meanwhile, a POLISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE was formed in Posen (Poznan), which included Archbishop L. Przyluski and conservative as well as democratic politicians. The king promised concessions.
The German minority in the province, accounting for only about 10 % of the population, agitated against more autonomy for a reestablished Grand Duchy of Poland; the Prussian administration came up with a partition plan, according to which the eastern and central parts of the province would form a Polish Grand Duchy, while western stretches, more German in character, would be incorporated in the German Confederation. In April a military rebellion erupted in Posen; it was quickly suppressed.
Meanwhile, in the FRANKFURT ASSEMBLY the German representatives of Posen lobbied strongly for the inclusion of Posen into the planned unified Germany. Despite strong opposition - many democratic Paulskirche representatives sympathized with Polish democrats and patriots, the Posen lobbyists finally carried the day (July 25th 1848).

B.) 1849-1871

In 1851 the Province (Grand Duchy) of Posen left the German Confederation again. The Province of Posen was represented in Prussia's LANDTAG in Berlin; the Polish Landtag members formed a POLISH CLUB.
In 1852 E. VON PUTTKAMER was appointed province president; he pursued a confrontation course. German was declared the sole language of jurisdiction. In 1854 the use of Polish language in education was restricted to elementary schools.

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