People's Republic, 1948-1969 Military Dictatorship, 1981-1990

People's Republic, 1948-1969

In Poland, the communist party was in charge, yet it had a hard time to keep the population under control. Peasant farmers had managed to hold on to their farms, successfully resisting enforced collectivization. The Catholic church only gained strength under state pressure. In 1978 a Pole, KAROL WOYTYLA, was even elected pope (John Paul II.).
After repeated cased of civilian unrest, the Polish government avoided unpopular measures. The OIL CRISIS hit Poland hard; the country tried to reduce oil imports, replacing it by coal where possible. The Polish economy was in worse shape than those of other Eastern European countries; COUPONS had to be reintroduced.
The communist party enjoyed little popular sympathies, considerably less than the SED enjoyed in Eastern Germany, for example. In 1979 a strike at the Lenin-shipyard in Gdansk started a protest movement, which in 1980 organized itself as the free trade union SOLIDARNOSZ (solidarity), leader LECH WALESA. (The existing trade unions were ineffective, as in a socialist state, where the proletariat owns everything, labour disputes were regarded, by the communists, superfluous). Demonstrations crippled the already troubled economy. In 1981, General JARUZELSKI staged a coup d'etat, establishing a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP.

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