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Kingdom of Hungary Transylvania
First posted on March 12th 2009, last revised on March 2nd 2010

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For the history prior to 1716, see Kingdom of Hungary
For the history 1778-1920, see Kingdom of Hungary
For the history since 1918/20, see Romania, Yugoslavia (since 1990s Serbia

Austria and the Ottoman Empire fought yet another war in 1716-1718. The fortress of Timisoara (Temesvar) was conquered by Austrian forces in October 1716; in the Treaty of Passarowitz, July 21st 1718, the Ottoman Empire ceded the Banat, Serbia and Oltenia (= Little Wallachia) to Austria. After the Austro-Ottoman War 1736-1739, Austria ceded Serbia and Oltenia back to the Ottoman Empire, but held on to the Banat.
The Banat was sparsely populated; the area was treated as an administratively separate unit, under military administration, headed by Count Mercy. In order to repopulate the region, settlers from southern Germany were brought in (1722-1726, Erster Schwabenzug). Serbs, Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians were also permitted to settle, the Serbs and Romanians to freely exercise their Orthodox belief. Religious practise for other non-Catholics was limited by a 1731 regulation. However, in 1716, after the Habsburg occupation, Jews (many of them Ladino-speaking Sephardim) were ordered to leave Timisoara (Temesvar) - on the charge they were Ottoman spies.
Further German settlers were brought in 1736-1738, 1744-1752. In 1745 the Militärgrenze (Military border district) was established. A last state-supported treck of southern German settlers came in 1763-1771.
Timisoara (Temesvar), the capital of the Banat, flourished in the 18th century, seeing a lot of construction. River regulation both created navigable waterways (Bega Canal) and extended fertile farmland. Timisoara was turned into a modern fortress (according to 18th century standards).
In 1778, the Banat administratively was joined with Hungary.

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