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Kingdom of Poland Grand Duchy of Muscovy
First posted on August 24th 2006, last revised on March 2nd 2010

The Lithuanian polity emerged as a political entity in the 12th century, resisting the expansion of the state of the Teutonic Knights. The decline of the Khanate of the Kipchak Tatars (Golden Horde) provided Lithuania with the opportunity to expand in eastern and southern direction.
On the occasion of the marriage of Duke Jogaila with Queen Jadwiga of Poland, the Duke converted to Christianity and the hitherto pagan Lithuanians followed suit; the ethnic Russian population in Modern Belarus and Ukraine, subject to Lithuania, continued to adhere to Orthodox Christianity.
In 1566 Livonia merged into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1569 the Union of Lublin created the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. A territorially reduced Grand Duchy of Lithuania (minus Ukraine) continued to exist within the Rzeczpospolita, with a degree of autonomy. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was dominated by Poland; the Lithuanian & Belarussian nobility, and part of the urban population, assimilated into Polish culture.
Over the years, territory on the eastern border got lost to the Grand Duchy of Muscovy / the Russian Empire. In the Polish Partitions (1772, 1793, 1795) the remaining territory of the Grand Duchy was annexed by the Russian Empire, where it was to form the Gubernias of Vitebsk, Mogilev, Minsk, Grodno, Vilna and Kovno.

The core region of the historic Grand Duchy of Lithuania today makes up the Republics of Lithuania and Belarus. While the historic origin of the Grand Duchy lay in modern Lithuania, was tied to ethnic Lithuanians, the Grand Duchy from the 14th to the 18th century was a multiethnic state, with Eastern Lithuania and Northwestern Belarus as its core region. During the time the Grand Duchy existed, the question of nationality was of secondary importance; that of confession more important; the Union of Brest 1596 brought the Orthodox Church of Belarus and Ukraine into the Catholic Church, while granting the latter the right to keep practicing the eastern rite.
The 19th century, the territory of the former Grand Duchy now under Russian rule, saw the rise of Lithuanian, Belorussian, Ukrainian and Polish nationalism. While all these political movements were to claim territory of the Grand Duchy, the Lithuanian and Belorussian national movements competed for the historical legacy of the Grand Duchy. The Republic of Lithuania took the name; both Republics, Lithuania and Belarus, borrowed the Coat of Arms.

Lithuania 1569-1795
Lithuania 1386-1569

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