France 1795-1799
the Economy
France 1804-1813
the Economy
France 1799-1804
Domestic Policy
France 1799-1804
Intellectual Life

The Consulate, 1799-1804 : the Economy

In 1800 the BANK OF FRANCE was established. France's currency regained stability. Renewed war, the fact that large numbers of men were drafted into the army, placed a strain on the economy, as did the interruption of overseas trade due to war with England.
Under Napoleon, further CANALS were built, new Alpine passes (MT. GENEVRE 1804) opened.

Timetable : France during the French Revolution and under Napoleon Bonaparte. An annotated Chronology of Civil and Military Events, by Richard Orsinger, 1997
DOCUMENTS French coins, 1792-1804, from Numismatique - Monnaie
French coins of 1799, 1800, 1804, from Napoleonic Medals
REFERENCE William Doyle, The Oxford History of the French Revolution, 1989, 466 pp.

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