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France 1890-1914 : Intellectual Life

Writer EMILE ZOLA, in his open letter J'ACCUSE, brought the DREYFUS AFFAIR in the open, accused the French military and political leadership of conspiracy; it caused a major change in French policy. Other famous writers included ROMAIN ROLLAND (Nobel prize for Literature, 1915) and MARCEL PROUST (1871-1922; search for lost time, 1913).
French painting style diversified. The period of Impressionism now was over; FAUVISM was the French version of EXPRESSIONISM (TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, PAUL GAUGUIN, HENRI MATISSE). Other stules included NAIVE PAINTINGS (HENRI ROUSSEAU), and ART NOUVEAU (RENE LALIQUE, architect HENRI GUIMARD, Czech exile ALPHONSE MUCHA), a style which focussed on objects and strongly influenced advertising. The period often is referred to as BELLE EPOQUE (beautiful era) or FIN DE SIECLE (end of the century). In the years preceding the war, PABLO PICASSO and GEORGES BRAQUE developed the style of CUBISM.
MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937), CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918) were the leading French composers.
In 1895 the LUMIERE BROTHERS showed the first moving picture.

In France, Polish scientist MARIE CURIE (1867-1934) discovered RADIUM, was awarded the Nobel prizes for Physics (1903) and Chemistry. Her Polish origin and sexism prevented her being elected member of the Academie Francaise.

THERESE OF LISIEUX died in 1897 at the age of 25; she had entered a convent at the age of 15. She was canonized in 1925.

Frenchman PIERRE DE COUBERTIN organized the MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES (first held in Athens in 1896, the second games held in PARIS in 1900). In 1903, the TOUR DE FRANCE was staged for the first time, from then on an annual event.

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