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France 1944-1949 : Intellectual Life

JEAN PAUL SARTRE published Existentialism is a Humanism in 1946, What Is Literature ? in 1948. ALBERT CAMUS published La Peste (referring to the Nazi occupation). In 1949 SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR published The Second Sex.
Films such as La Bataille du Rail (dir. Rene Clement, 1946) worked up France's wartime experience. JEAN COCTEAU's la belle et la bete (1946, trsl. : the beauty and the beast) is one of the highest regarded movies of all times. Jacques Becker, in Falbalas (1945) criticized the French fashion industry as hollow. The CANNES FILM FESTIVAL was first held in 1946.
In 1949 Picasso sketched the dove that soon would be internationally used as a symbol of peace.

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