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France 1969-1990

After the crisis of 1968, WELFARE programs were established or expanded, by President General DE GAULLE (1958-1969), then by his successor GEORGES POMPIDOU (1969-1974). In 1974, the Gaullist UDR party lost the presidency to liberal VALERY GISCARD D'ESTAING, who in 1981 was succeeded by socialist FRANCOIS MITTERAND (1981-1995). The neo-Gaullist RPR party, lead by JACQUES CHIRAC, returned to power in 1995.
Green/ecologist ideas started to spread in France in the 1970es; the French energy supply strategy, however, relies heavily on nuclear generated electricity. In the 1990es, Green party politicians were included in cabinets, where they held the position of minister of the environment. BR> The imbalance between high quality welfare programs and state revenues led to a continuous increase in taxes, which, together with stagnant growth between 1973 and 1994, resulted in the unemployment rate rising to 12 % of the economically active population, thus becoming a major societal issue. France repeatedly had to raise its revenue; one way to do so was the VALUE ADDED TAX which reached 33 %.
France remains a major economic power; agriculture traditionally contributes to her exports (cheese, wine etc.), as do high technology products often elaborated in cooperation with France's EC neighbours, such as Airbus planes, TGV high speed trains, EADS, Thompson weaponry. The Ariane spacecraft, from her base in French Guyana, launch satellites into orbit.
The French state administration, in an effort to decentralize, transferred some authority to elected regional and district assemblies, who now have responsibilities in managing schools, civil works, the environment etc. Corsica, a mediterranean island with strong cultural identity, since 1982 enjoys a near-autonomous status, with territorial assembly and executive council. Various Corsican political organizations nevertheless maintain violent opposition and action in the pursuit of Corsican independence.
Both the high unemployment rate and the presence in France of 4 million Muslims, mainly migrant workers, the majority from North Africa, led, in the 1980es, to the rise of a racist and xenophobic party, the FRONT NATIONAL. In terms of percent of votes gained it has challenged the traditional parties; nevertheless in political practise it plays a minor political role, as no lawmakers represent the party in the National Assembly, it does not preside any local assembly, it never participated in the formation of a national cabinet.

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