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Principality of Monaco, since 1945

In 1949, Prince Rainier. acceded to the Monegasque throne; he married actress Grace Kelly in 1956. Prince Rainier died in 2005, succeeded by his son Albert.
In 1962 a new constitution was adopted, which abolished capital punishment and introduced women's suffrage.
In 1993, Monaco joined the UN.
Monaco always has been part of the French monetary system; French coins and banknotes (in addition to occasionally issued Monegasque coins and banknotes) were official tender since 1925. As a consequence, Monaco was affected by the introduction of the New Franc in France in 1959, and by the introduction of the Euro in 2002/2004. The country's population grew from 22,000 in 1945 to 31,000 in 2000.
From the 1970es onward, Monaco prospered as a tax haven, and the size of the principality was enlarged by a policy of land reclamation. Among the celebrities acquiring Monegasque citizenship were Tennis professionals such as Swede Björn Borg. The University of Monaco was established in 1986.
The Casino at Monte Carlo continued o attract international visitors; King Farouk of Egypt (-1954) was a regular. In 1974, Prince Rainier created the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, held annually ever since.
In 1981 the Diocesis of Monaco was elevated to Archdiocesis of Monaco.

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