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Geneva Piemont
First posted on December 18th 2007, last revised using Dr. Link Check on October 2nd 2012

For the time since 1860, see France
For the time prior to 1860, see Savoy-Piemont-Sardinia

Historical Atlas, France Page

Country Profiles Article Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, from Wikipedia
Article Savoie : Histoire, Haute-Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, from Wikipedia French edition
Links, on History Category : Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, Savoy (Historical State), from Wikipedia
Categorie : Pays de Savoie, Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Region Rhone-Alpes, from Wikipedia French edition
Historical Dictionary
Historical Maps Maps Savoie, Haute-Savoie, from SPLAF, in French
Map : Chambery 1913, from Discus Media
Historical Maps featuring Savoy, from euratlas, 1-1000, 1100-2000
Map Annecy (Theatrum Sabaudiae 1682), Chambery (Theatrum Sabaudiae 1682), from Mappe Antiche, Italian-language site
Les Cartes Historiques des 2 Savoie, from Sabaudia
Timelines Chronologie, from Sabaudia, in French
Accounts of History Article Savoie : History, Haute-Savoie : History, Savoy, from Wikipedia
Article Savoie (territoire historique), Savoie : Histoire (Dept.), Haute-Savoie : Histoire, Histoire de la Savoye, from Wikipedia French edition
Rhone-Alpes, Pays de Savoie, from Memo, in French
From Sabaudia, in French
History of Savoy, from Speedy Look
Encyclopedia Articles Articles House of Savoy, Chambery, Savoie (Dept.), Haute-Savoie (Dept.), Annecy, from EB 1911
Articles Savoy, Archdiocese of Chambery, Diocese of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Diocese of Annecy, from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907-1914
Articles Savoy, Chambery, from Jewish Encyclopedia 1901-1906
Articles Savoyen, Annecy, Chambery, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Article Savoyen, from Brockhaus Konversationslexikon 1894-1896, in German
Savoie, pp.165-166 in vol.4 pt.1 of J.M. Demeunier, Economie politique et diplomatique, 1788, in French, GB
Duche de Savoie, pp.719-720 in P. Labbe, La G?graphie Royalle 1673, in French, GB
Savoie, pp.46-47 in T.T. de Mayerne, Sommaire description de la France, Allemagne, Italie et Espagne, 1604, in French, GB
Politics Article Etats de Savoie, from Wikipedia French edition
Le Senat de Savoie (1559-1860), from Sabaudia
C.F. Littell, The neutralization of states; a study in diplomatic history and international law, 1920, IA; pp.72-73 on Savoy
Economy L'Industrie en Savoie, L'Agriculture dans les Pays Savoyards, from Sabaudia
Ethnography Les Russes d'Ugine et L'Eglise Orthodoxe de Saint-Nicolas, from Sabaudia
Religion Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : France, from Kirken i Norge
Article : Archdiocese of Chambery, Diocese of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Ancient Diocese of Tarentaise, Diocese of Annecy, from Wikipedia
Regions Articles Maurienne : History, Genevois (province), from Wikipedia
Articles Maurienne : Histoire, Vallee de la Tarentaise : Histoire, Chablais : Histoire, Faucigny : Histoire, Genevois : Histoire, from Wikipedia French edition
Histoire Departementale : SPLAF, Click : Fiches Departementales, 73 Savoie, 74 Haute-Savoie, in French
Histoire Departementale : Savoie, Haute Savoie, from La France Pittoresque, in French
Cities, Municipalities Articles : Annecy : History, Chambery : History, from Wikipedia
Articles : Histoire d'Annecy, Chambery : Histoire, from Wikipedia French edition
Histoire Locale de Rhone-Alpes, from GenWiki
Structures, Institutions Structurae : Rhone-Alpes
Bibliographies Bibliographie de Savoie, Haute-Savoie, from GenWiki
Assemblee du pays de la Savoie, Bibliographies, from Sabaudia
Biographies Category : People from Savoy, People from Rhone-Alpes, from Wikipedia; Categorie : Personnalite de Savoie, Personnalite de la Haute-Savoie, from Wikipedia French edition

Lists of Statesmen Presidents of the Regional Council of Rhone-Alpes (since 1974), from World Statesmen, by Ben Cahoon
Titles of European Hereditary Rulers : Savoy
Population Figures France, Historical Population Statistics of Greater administrative Regions, from Population Statistics at Univ. Utrecht
Documents Archives et Documents d'Archives, from Sabaudia
D. Carutti (ed.), Regesta comitum Sabaudiae, marchionum in Italia ab ultima stirpis origine ad an. MDCCLIII 1889, IA
Election Results
Archives, Musea, Libraries Archives Departementales de la Savoie
Archives Departementales de la Haute Savoie
Histoire, Patrimoine, Archives des Pays de Savoie, from Sabaudia
Musee Virtuel des Pays de Savoie
State Symbols Flag of Savoy, from FOTW
Coat of Arms, from Heraldique Europeenne
Coins Burgundy Neighbours, from French and English Royal and Medieval Coins, posted by Tom Oberhofer
Jetons 19 from CGB; several entries on Savoie; commercial site

Online Libraries
General Accounts Henri Menabrea, Histoire de la Savoie (History of Savoy), Les Marches : Curandera 1990. 399 pp., in French [G]
M. le Gallais, Histoire de la Savoie et du Piemont (History of Savoy and Piemont), new edition, Tours : Alfred Mame 1879, 237 pp.; in French [G]
Specific Topics F.W. Putzger, Historischer Atlas zur Welt- und Schweizer Geschichte (Historical Atlas on World and Swiss History), Aarau : Sauerländer, 9th edition (1954) 1975, in German and French [G]
Coins Emergency Money 1915-1920 : Savoie, Haute-Savoie, from Jetons-Monnaie

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