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Bavaria, 1745-1777

In 1745 Duke Charles Albrecht died; he was succeeded by Max III. Joseph (1745-1777). Bavaria just had utterly failed with her policy to secure the Imperial crown. Max III. Joseph terminated the French alliance and signed a treaty with the Dutch Republic and the United Kingdom, which brought subsidies for Bavaria, but obliged her to contribute a Bavarian corps to the defense of the Netherlands. In 1746 the Wittelsbach Hausunion was confirmed. In 1748 the War of Austrian Succession formally was ended; in 1750 Bavaria renewed her subsidy treaty with Austria, the Dutch Republik and the United Kingdom.
Bavaria tried to escape such obligations toward others. In 1756 Bavaria signed a subsidy treaty with France, which obliged Bavaria to remain neutral in case of an Imperial war against France. In 1756 the Seven Years' War broke out; in 1757 an Imperial war against Prussia was decided upon. Bavaria reluctantly contributed her contingent, which was withdrawn already in 1758. Bavaria now strove for the Holy Roman Empire to take a neutral position. In 1762 an agreement of neutrality was signed by Bavaria and Prussia.
In 1771, Bavaria and Kurpfalz (Duke Karl Theodor) signed a treaty securing mutual inheritance. Max III. Joseph had no children; when he died in 1777, Bavaria became the object of yet another succession conflict.

In 1759, Duke Max III. Joseph founded the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. In 1776, the Bavarian branch of the (secret, masonic) Order of Illuminates was founded in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. In 1771, Bavaria introduced mandatory elementary education.

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