Princebishopric Basel, 1651-1736

The Princebishopric of Basel, located on the left bank of the Rhine, was a territory belonging to the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. It did not extend over the city of Basel herself, which was a member of the SWISS FEDERATION, which since 1648 no longer formed a part of the Empire. The most part of the territory was French-speaking (the "Romandie"). The bishops resided at PORRENTRUY, which Bishop BEAT ALBRECHT VON RAMSTEIN in 1650 could reenter, after the French troops had withdrawn. The ecclesiastic authority of the bishop extended over the Upper ALSACE. The Cathedral chapter, after having resided for some time in Freiburg/Breisgau, had settled at ARLESHEIM.
Although the bishops and the cathedral chapter sided with the COUNCIL OF TRENT and the JESUITS had been called in, large parts of the territory were protestant.
Since the TREATY OF WESTPHALIA (1648) the princebishopric was sandwiched between Switzerland and France, a territorial exclave of the Empire. In 1652, 1654, 1691, 1702 and 1703 the princebishops applied for membership in the Swiss Confederation - in vain (admission was denied by Switzerland's protestant cantons). The territory repeatedly saw French invasions and, particularly in the 18th century, several rebellions in the 1730es, caused bishop JOHANN KONRAD VON REINACH who curtailed the privileges of the estates with a reform aiming at centralizing the administration (1726). He also established a PRIESTS' SEMINAR (1716) and had a second residence built at DELEMONT (1716).

Princebishops of Basel
Johann Franz von Schönau (1651-1656)
Johann Konrad von Roggenbach (1656-1693)
Wilhelm Jakob Rink von Baldenstein (1692-1705)
Johann Konrad von Reinach-Hirzberg (1705-1737)

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