Duchy of Bohemia
1000 - 1198

Bohemia's Early History

Bohemia emerges in historical records in the 9th century, it's prince BORIVOJ being baptosed by Methodius, missionary and since 880 archbishop of Moravia.
The Bohemians were a Slavic people, as their Moravian neighbours; the name Bohemia is believed to go back to previous inhabitants of Bohemia, the Celtic BOII.
Borivoj's successor VACLAV was murdered in church during mass, in 929 or 935. He was later beatified and became patron saint of the Bohemian lands. In 954, the Magyars were defeated by Emperor Henry I. in the battle of Lechfeld, freeing Bohemia from the threat of Magyar raids.
The DUCHY OF BOHEMIA was ruled by the PRZEMYSLID DYNASTY. In 973 the DIOCESIS OF PRAGUE was established and placed under the Archbishop of Mainz (hitherto it had been part of the diocesis of Regensburg); it's second bishop was Vojtech, better known as ST. ADALBERT; after contributing much to the conversion of the Poles and Hungarians, he died a martyr's death when preaching among the heathen Prussians. Buried in Gniezno, the seat of Poland's archdiocesis, his relics were removed to Prague when the Bohemians raided Poland in 1039.

Czechoslovakia, from : Library of Congress, Country Studies
REFERENCE Jiri Slama, Boiohaemum - Cechy, pp.23-38 in : Mikulas Teich (ed.), Bohemia in History, Cambridge UP 1999, KMLA Lib.Sign. 943.71 T262b

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