The Duchy of Wolfenbüttel, 1648-1735

Duke August the younger (1634-1666) founded the famous HERZOG AUGUST BIBLIOTHEK WOLFENBÜTTEL (library). In 1671 the duchy acquired the city of BRAUNSCHWEIG, hitherto immediate.
The duchy was opposed to the attempt by the neighbouring Dukes of Calenberg (Hannover) to gain the status of an electorate (which they achieved in 1692); in 1706 Wolfenbüttel recognized the new status of the Electorate of Hannover (into which Calenberg, merged with Lüneburg, had transformed). Duke ANTON ULRICH tried himself as a novelist and had the palace SALZDAHLUM built. He converted to Catholicism (1710), however respecting the Lutheran confession of his people. In 1704 the reformed church (Calvinists) was tolerated in the city of Braunschweig, in 1708 the Catholics in the cities of Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel.
From 1681, FAIRS were held in Braunschweig to increase the importance of the city as a regional trade center.

Dukes of Wolfenbuettel
August (1635-1666)
Rudolf August (1666-1704)
Anton Ulrich (1685-1714)
August Wilhelm (1714-1731)
Ludwig Rudolf (1731-1735)

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