County of Nassau, 1744-1815

The County of Nassau, partitioned in the territories of the lines NASSAU-DILLENBURG, NASSAU-WEILBURG and NASSAU-USINGEN was one of the minor states of the Holy Roman Empire. During the SEVEN YEARS WAR (1756-1763) the DILLENBURG was sacked (1760).
In 1806, the territories under the lines of Weilburg and Usingen formed a joint administration; the House of Orange renounced her claim on Nassau, ceding her territories to the GRAND DUCHY OF BERG. WIESBADEN officially became capital. After several border revisions, the Principality of Nassau, in a geographically revised, more compact shape, was confirmed at the VIENNA CONGRESS of 1815.
In the second half of the 18th century, iron mining in the SIEGERLAND intensified. In 1810, Nassau-Usingen and Nassau-Weilburg together had a population of 272,000 inhabitants.

Counts of Nassau-Dillenburg
Counts of Nassau-Usingen
Counts of Nassau-Weilburg
Wilhelm IV. (1716-1751)
Wilhelm V. (1751-1806)
Karl (1718-1775)
Karl Wilhelm (1775-1803)
Friedrich August (1803-1806)
Karl August (1719-1753)
Karl Christian (1753-1788)
Friedrich Wilhelm (1788-1806)

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