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The Principality of East Frisia, 1744-1815

In 1744 the line of the Princes of Ostfriesland (= East Frisia) from the HOUSE OF CIRKSENA ended. The territory was inherited by the FREDERICK THE GREAT, King in Prussia. It provided him with a harbour on the North Sea, Emden. The PRUSSIAN ASIATIC COMPANY was founded in 1751, with seat in Emden. Her charter was withdrawn a few years later, when Prussia needed British subsidies. Under Prussian rule, Emden's trade expanded again, matching her peak of the 1670es in the 1790es.
In the PEACE OF TILSIT 1807 Prussia had to cede East Frisia, which was annexed by the KINGDOM OF HOLLAND, and with it in 1910 into France. In 1813 the principality was restored to Prussia; The VIENNA CONGRESS (1815) attached the county to the KINGDOM OF HANNOVER.

Princes of East Frisia
Friedrich (II.) der Grosse (1744-1786)
Friedrich Wilhelm (1786-1797)

Geschichte der Stadt Emden, from emden.net, in German
DOCUMENTS Flags, Principality of East Frisia 1654-1744 from FOTW
Rulers of Ostfriesland, from Biermann Family History
Map featuring Ostfriesland and adjacent territories in 1789, posted by Thomas Hoeckmann
REFERENCE Territorien-Ploetz : Geschichte der Deutschen Länder, Vol.1, Würzburg 1964, p.416
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