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Slovenia 1941-1945

In April 1941, German, Italian, Hungarian and Bulgarian forces invaded Yugoslavia. The country was partitioned; so was Slovenia. The southwest, with Ljubljana, was annexed by Italy, Prekmurje was annexed by Hungary, the remainder, as southern Styria respectively Carinthia, was annexed into Germany. In the fall of 1943, Germany took over Italian-administrated Slovenia; in late 1944 they occupied Prekmurje as well.
The German administration treated ethnically German Slovenians as Germans, requiring the men to do military service. The Slovenian-speaking population was exposed to a Germanification policy. Slovenia's tiny Jewish community was deprived of their civic rights, ostracised, the object of a policy aiming at exploitation and genocide. The harsh-handedness of the German administration caused the emergence and growth of a resistance movement, the partisans. The partisans came to view Slovenia's ethnic Germans as collaborators and, thus, as legitimate targets.
The fact that Slovenia, until 1943, was partitioned into an Italian and a German zone of administration, made life for the partisans easier, as Italian and German actions taken against partisans were poorly coordinated. Italy, in July 1942, undertook a campaign against the partisans in the Province of Lubiana (Italian-administrated Slovenia).
Partisan activity and measures the occupying forces undertook to suppress partizan activity did cause destruction and internal displacement. The Slovenian economy, integrated into that of Italy, Germany and, in the case of Prekmurje, into that of Hungary, was turned into a state-planned war economy. Often, the property of Slovenians was confiscated; 46,000 Slovenians were deported to serve as forced labour.

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