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Denmark Lübeck
First posted on November 16th 2007, last revised on January 21st 2014

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until 1848 . 1848-1864 . 1864-1920 . since 1920
Predecessors : Holstein-Gottorp, Duchy of Sachsen-Lauenburg, Lübeck
see also Prussia, Denmark, Germany 1871-1945, Federal Republic of Germany

Until 1848
Holstein emerged as a Duchy in the Holy Roman Empire, Schleswig as a Duchy within the Kingdom of Denmark. In the early 14th century both duchies were united in dynastic union. The Dukes of Schleswig Holstein long saw themselves as opponents of the Kings of Denmark. In 1460 King Christian I. of Denmark and Duke of both Schleswig and Holstein, granted the two duchies the privilege to be up ewig ungedeelt (for ever undivided).
Due to dynastic events, Schleswig and Holstein were partitioned, until all of Schleswig was reunited under the King of Denmark in 1773, Holstein, except for Eutin (to Oldenburg), in 1815. Schleswig-Holstein, while in dynastic union with Denmark, remained separate entities; Holstein was a member of the German Confederation 1815-1864. Denmark acquired the Duchy of Lauenburg from Hannover in 1816.

The Danish government, in 1848 and again in 1863, sought the full integration of Schlewsig in a Danish nation state. In both situations, a revolt erupted in Schleswig-Holstein; in 1848-1849 a war was narrowly avoided and a diplomatic solution found in the London Protocol (1852); in 1864 Austria and Prussia declared war on Denmark, defeated the latter; Denmark ceded Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg.

Following the Seven Weeks War 1866, Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg were annexed by Prussia, formed the Province Schleswig-Holstein, which in 1871 became part of unified Germany. In 1890 Helgoland was annexed by Germany and allocated to Schleswig-Holstein.
While most Holsteiners and a considerable part of the population of Schleswig felt German, there were those who identified with the Danish nation. In the treaty of 1864 a plebiscite in Schleswig was foreseen to establish the will of the population; this plebiscite was only held in 1920, when a majority in Zone 1 (North Schleswig) voted in favour of Denmark, a majority in Zone II voted for remaining with Germany.

since 1920
The Gross-Hamburg-Gesetz of 1937 resulted in the annexation of Altona and Wandsbeck (hitherto Holstein) to Hamburg, and the annexation of the Principality of Lübeck (hitherto Oldenburg) and the Free City of Lübeck into Schleswig-Holstein.
In 1945, Schleswig-Holstein came under British occupation; in 1949 Schleswig-Holstein joined the Federal Republic of Germany.

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