Duchy of Pfalz-Zweibrücken, 1648-1740

JOHANN KASIMIR VON PFALZ-ZWEIBRÜCKEN (-1652) married Katarina, daughter of Karl IX. of Sweden; his son ascended to the throne as Karl X. in 1674. The Duchy of Pfalz-Zweibrücken was united in dynastic union with Sweden until the death of CHARLES XII. (Karl XII.) in 1718. Zweibrücken was ruled by a sideline of the Counts Palatinate (in Ger.: Pfalz). The city was destroyed by French troops in 1677, again occupied by the French 1681-1697. In 1714 Charles XII. granted STANISLAS LESZYNSKI, expelled king of Poland, exile in Zweibrücken. This illustrious resident caused construction in the city. Duke GUSTAV SAMUEL LEOPOLD build the palace (1720-1725).

Counts of Zweibrücken
Johann Kasimir
Karl XI. (1680-1697, King of Sweden)
Karl XII. (1697-1718, King of Sweden)
Gustav Samuel Leopold (1720-1735)

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