History of India since 1971

Andhra Pradesh 1953-1971

Establishment of the State : In 1947 the Dominion of India became independent (since 1950 Republic of India). The Madras Province of British India joined the Dominion; in 1948 the Nizam of Hyderabad was compelled to have Hyderabad State join the dominion as well. In 1953, Andhra State was separated from Madras State; in 1956 Hyderabad State was partitioned; Andhra State annexed the Tenangana region.

Administration : From 1953 to 1983 Assam was governed by INC-lead administrations.

Annals : 1952 : Death of Potti Sriramulu, the driving force behind the creation of Andhra State
1953 : famine (BBoY 1954)
1953 : Andhra State separated from Madras State (Tamil Nadu) as state of the Telugu-speaking people; unicameral assembly established; capital Kurnool
1955 : Machkund hydroelectric power scheme switched on
1955 : state election held; INC formed government
1956 : Andhra State renamed Andhra Pradesh
1957 : state elections held; INC formed government
1956 : Andhra Pradesh annexed Telangana Region (hitherto Hyderabad State); capital moved to Hyderabad
1958 : switch from unicameral to bicameral assembly
1961 : village self-government introduced in Andhra Pradesh
1962 : state election held; INC formed government
1965 : Hindi was declared official language in India; anti-Hindi riots in parts of Andhra Pradesh (BBoY 1966)
1967 : state election held; INC formed government
1969-1972 : Jai Telangana Movement; 1969 introduction of indigenate for offices in Telangana

Social History : In 1951 the population of Andhra Pradesh was 31.1 million (i.e. of what was to become Andhra Pradesh), in 1961 35.9 million, in 1971 43.3 million.

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