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Portuguese Empire in Asia E.I.C.-adm. India 1759-1857
First posted on December 14th 2005, last revised on May 21st 2010

Click here for the History of the Mughal Empire, of the Maratha Federation

Narratives : East India Company
Timelines : East India Company

Historical Atlas, British India Page
Historical Atlas, South Asia Page
List of Wars, British India

Presidencies : Bengal Presidency, Bombay Presidency, Madras Presidency
Princely States (Indirect Rule) : Jammu & Kashmir

See competing companies : Danish India, Dutch India, French India, Portuguese India

Students' Paper : Yeon, Haram, The History of Textiles in South Asia (2009)
Students' Papers : Lee, Si-eun : History of Indian and Chinese Coolies and their Descendants (2008)

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Profiles Current The East India Company, from Spartacus Schoolnet
The British East India Company, from Wikipedia
Links Category : British East India Company, from Wikipedia
British East India Company, from India Net Zone
Accounts of History General, Current The East India Company,from Spartacus Schoolnet
The British East India Company, from Wikipedia
General, Historical J. Bruce, Annals of the Honorable East-India Company: From Their Establishment by the Charter of Queen .. (1810), posted on Internet Archive
Specific Periods Port Cities : London. The East India Company; on the early history of the E.I.C.
Early Voyages of British East India Company, from India Net Zone
Administration, Politics J.W. Kaye, The Administration of the East India Company . a History of Indian Progress (1853), posted on Internet Archive
Military British Conquest and Dominion of India, from India Net Zone, subchapters
Economy & Finances Coins of East India Company and Modern India, from Nupam's Webpage for the Indian Coins
The East India Company and the Maritime Service (1834), posted on Internet Archive
Religion Missionary Activities of British in India, from India Net Zone
History of Regions J.Cl. Marshman, History of India from the earliest period to the close of the East India Company's government (1876), posted on Internet Archive
J.T. Wheeler, India under British Rule from the Foundation of the East India Company (1886), posted on Internet Archive
Local History Article : Surat : History, from Wikipedia
Articles East India Company, Hughli, from Banglapedia
Article History of Calcutta, from Wikipedia
History of Mumbai, from The Mumbai Pages
History of Chennai (Madras), from Chennai Best
Chennai under East India Company, from Maps of World
Others East India Company Ships

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Archival Deposits Search National Archives (UK)
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Constitutions, Laws
Document Collections W. Foster (ed.), Letters Received By The East India Company, vol.1, vol.2, vol.3, vol.4, vol.6, 1896-1902 posted on Internet Archive
A calendar of the court minutes, etc. of the East India company, 1635-1639 (1907), 1640-1643 (1909), 1644-1649 (1912), 1650-1654 (1913), 1655-1659, 1660-1663 (1922), posted on Internet Archive
The Dawn of British Trade to the East Indies: As Recorded in the Court Minutes of the East India (1886), posted on Internet Archive
Historical Maps Schwartzberg, Historical Atlas of South Asia, posted by DSAL
Maps Bellin Bombay 1750, Madras 1746, posted by FWP
Encyclopedia Entries
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Institutions Archives
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes East India Company Coins, posted by Carey Center
East India Company Currency, from Weights and Measures
Coins of the E.I.C., from Zeno
Coin, from Coin Pictures

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