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Jammu & Kashmir (India) Azad Kashmir
First posted on June 6th 2010

In 1947 the British withdrew from India. The political visions of the Muslim League (a Muslim State in India called Pakistan, with Punjab, Kashmir and Sindh as core areas) and of the Indian National Congress (a Republic of India comprising of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, unpartitioned India) conflicted. Both the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress regarded India's 500+ princely states as remnants of a feudal past. The Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir (a Hindu) opted for the Republic of India, much to the surprise of many of the Muslim inhabitants of Jammu & Kashmir, which made up the overwhelming majority of the population.
Political upheaval followed, with the opponents of the Maharaja being supported by Pakistani forces, the princely administration by the Indian forces; Jammu & Kashmir was partitioned, separated by the Line of Control (1948). Several Indo-Pakistani Wars (1965, 1971) and the actions of guerillas called liberation fighters by one, terrorists by the other side, have failed in changing the political map in Jammu & Kashmir.
The Pakistani-administrated part of Jammu & Kashmir was partitioned in two : Azad (Jammu and) Kashmir, and the Federally Administrated Northern Areas (FANA, also called Gilgit-Baltistan).
Formally, FANA is not part of Pakistan, but a separate area. When the Election Commission of Pakistan describes the territory of Pakistan as comprising "the provinces of Punjab, Sindh, North-West Frontier and Balochistan, the Islamabad Capital Territory i.e. the Federal Capital, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATAs) and such states and territories as are or may be included in Pakistan whether by accession or otherwise", Azad Kashmir and the Federally Administrated Northern Areas may be interpreted as "such states and territories as are or may be included in Pakistan whether by accession or otherwise".
During the 1950s and 1960s, FANA was frontier area where military concerns took precedent over civilian matters. The issue of Jammu & Kashmir remains unresolved, as Pakistan regards the Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir as illegally occupied by the Republic of India, while the Republic of India regards Azad Jammu & Kashmir and FANA as illegally occupied by Pakistan. The Federally Administered Northern Areas in 2009 were renamed Gilgit-Baltistan, and granted political autonomy. Organizations rejecting the territory being part of Pakistan refer to it as Balawaristan.

Timeline : Jammu & Kashmir

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as the Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANA) are disputed territory, users are advised to use discretion, as many of the sources linked below are biased in one way or another. The webmaster of WHKMLA is not responsible for the content of external websites.
For sources which treat FANA as part of the region of (Jammu and) Kashmir, see pre-partition Jammu and Kashmir, Azad Kashmir and (Indian) Jammu and Kashmir.

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