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India Assam
First posted on November 21st 2005, last revised on May 26th 2010

Meghalaya established as a state within the Republic of India in 1972 by carving out of Assam the districts Garo Hills, United Jaintia Hills and Khasi Hills, and by merging them. Capital Shillong. Meghalaya is reputecf to contain the location with the world's largest rainfall.

Timeline : Meghalaya

Historical Atlas, Assam, British India, India Page

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Meghalaya State Portal
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Accounts of History Current History of Meghalaya, from Webindia 123, from RCILTS, Wikipedia
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Politics Article Meghalaya Democratic Party, from Wikipedia
Economy & Finances The Economy of Meghalaya, from Webindia 123, from North East India Databank, from Economy Watch, from Indian Business
Crafts of Meghalaya, from India Crafts
Ethnography People of Meghalaya, from Webindia 123
P.R.T. Gurdon, The Khasis (n.d., c.1908), posted by Gutenberg Library Online
Religion Religion in Meghalaya, from Webindia 123
Archdiocese Shillong-Gauhati, from Catholic Hierarchy
Local History Article Shillong, from Wikipedia
Institutions History of North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong

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Pictures of Women and Girls in the Khasi Country, 2002, by Ricardo Coler
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Treaties A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, and Sunnuds, Relating to India and Neighbouring Countries, GB : The Treaties vol.1 : relating to Bengal, Burmah, and the Eastern Archipelago, 1862, (vol.3 not on Google Books, on May 25th 2010),
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Historical Maps Maps of Meghalaya, from Maps of India, from Maps-India
Encyclopedia Entries
Secular Articles Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Garo Hills, Shillong, Cherrapunji, from EB 1911
Geographical Article Assam, Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Garo Hills, Jaintia Parganas, Shillong Subdivision, Cherrapunji, from Imperial Gazetteer of India (1909), posted by DSAL
Khasi Hill States : Cherra, Khyrim, Nongkhlao, Nonglewai, Nongspung, Nongstoin, from Imperial Gazetteer of India (1909), posted by DSAL
Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
House of Lords, Sessional Papers, 1801-1833, vol.61 1812-1813, GB
Tour Guides, Travelogues
Residence Memoirs
Institutions Archives Meghalaya State Archives, from Department of Arts and Culture, Meghalaya
Musea Museums of Meghalaya, from North East India
State Museum (Williamson Sangma Museum), from Department of Arts and Culture, Meghalaya
Monuments Alphabetical List of Monuments - Meghalaya, from Archaeological Survey of India
Showcaves : Meghalaya
Libraries State Central Library, from Department of Arts and Culture, Meghalaya
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW

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Yearbooks Article : India : Meghalaya, in : Statesman's Yearbook 1975-1976 pp.377, 1976-1977 pp.377-378, 1978-1979 pp.644-645, 1979-1980 pp.649-650, 1980-1981 pp.647-648, 1981-1982 pp.650-651, 1983-1984 pp.652-653, 1984-1985 pp.654-655, 1985-1986 pp.657-658, 1986-1987 pp.660-661, 1987-1988 pp.666-667, 1988-1989 pp.669-670, 1989-1990 pp.675-676, 1990-1991 pp.676-677, 1991-1992 pp.670-672, 1992-1993 pp.747-748, 1993-1994 pp.747-748, 1994-1995 pp.739-740, 1995-1996 pp.736-737, 1996-1997 pp.678-679, 1997-1998 pp.683-685, 1998-1999 pp.735-736, 2000 pp.844-845, 2001 pp.821-822, 2002 pp.855-857, 2003 pp.857-859, 2004 pp.862-864, 2005 pp.863-864, 2006 pp.860-861 [G]

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