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Malta 1720-1798

The Maltese Knights (or Knights of St. John) ruled Malta since 1530.
In 1769, Grand Master Emmanuel Pinto founded the University of Malta funded by the property of the Jesuits who had been expelled the previous year; they had opened a college in Valletta in 1592. In the late 18th century, the Maltese language - hitherto only spoken - became the object of linguistic studies, by C.A. Sultana, whose work was continued by M.A. Vassalli. Hence, Maltese is the only Arab-based language spelled in Latin alphabet.
In 1722, Turkish prisoners and slaves were involved in a conspiracy, which was uncovered and suppressed. In 1775 a revolt headed by priest Gaetano Mannarino failed.
Grand Master de Rohan (1775-1798), the first Frenchman to become Grand Master since 1697, revived the long forgotten tradition of a general chapter assembly, revised the statutes and implemented some reforms. He promulgated a code of laws.
In the 1790es, the Knights of St. John regarded their position increasingly precarious. In 1792, the Order's possessions in France were confiscated. When a Russian fleet freed the Ionian Islands from French rule in 1797, the Knights of St. John asked Czar Paul I. of Rusia to place Malta under his protection. Then, in May 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte landed on the islands; the Maltese Knights surrendered to him soon afterward. In 1798 the population of Malta was estimated as 114,000.

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